Vector graphics support?

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  • It's something I'll have to look into more. But knowing the limitations of JS and it's uses and combining that with the math for collision detection and everything else, plus the other added effects, I can see it being a problem. If a vector based image could be rendered at run time and not changed or transformed I could see it being easier.

    I'm also not argueing that mobile platforms can't handle such things. Obviously the Adreno et all chipsets are meant to. But again, C2 exports games as Javascript. I'm willing to put money down that your library of 3D games are programmed in Java or Native C. The Dalvik engine and kernel modules in Android and compiled machine code for Objective C on iOS allow for much more capabilities. Javascript interpreters on mobile platforms, for lack of a better way to put it, suck. That kind of interpretation is better done by a X86 based processor than an ARM based SOC. The problem with using more intense things with C2 for mobile is that it depends on CocoonJS and other wrappers to interpret the JS to Java. Sure, it'll make it faster and Dalvik will take over interpreting it, but it's still like translating English to Spaniard Spanish and give it to a Puerto Ricon to read aloud. They'll get it, but the differences are enough that'll it'll trip that person up.

  • Again, I'm not arguing that vector based graphics don't have their uses and that they're not a good tool. But they are just a tool and using that tool with this tool set may not work the best.

  • Well to be fair. I wouldn't ever considering running the game through the native mobile browser. I consider that idea just to be bad. For me it's wrapper or no go. This might be the difference in our perspectives on the situation.

    I see it problem as a non factor as I would be using CocoonJS, GameClosure, Eject and not Safari or Android Chrome.

  • Hi

    Just want to share that GameMaker just added support for vector graphics.

    I saw this news today. So GREAT for GM, still SAD for Construct 2

  • > Hi


    > Just want to share that GameMaker just added support for vector graphics.



    I saw this news today. So GREAT for GM, still SAD for Construct 2eah but that's for Flash-based proprietary SWF files. Not something like SVG, which means they probably pocketed some money from Adobe, considering SWF files are created from their ever-retardedly-expensive software while Inkscape, which is OPEN SOURCE and FREE, can make SVG files which are just as good.

    So in reality the news means nothing. It just means Adobe is probably struggling to get someone interested in a dying product.

  • thats a good point. Toonboom studio also can export to swf. But the exporter is not great- it bakes the tweens an flattens the layers. Plus doesnt seem to support some effects (i think,not sure)

  • swf is a crappy proprietary format. I hope svg kills it one day

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  • If vectors would ever been introduced in construct, then new sets off tools would have to added, cause it would be pointless to have polygonal objects and not be able to animate them within the editor. For now don't worry about vector graphics.

  • I think it would be great to create a minimal vector based game like Pew Pew:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    The Vectrex could draw some crisp lines in the 80's :)

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Hi all,

    i am playing a little bit around with construct 2. On my wishlist is also "vector" support in form of SVG. What i find out is:

    you can change your *.PNG with *.SVG, AFTER you publish your work as html5.

    When you export to HTML5, you have to uncheck "minify script" ! Otherwise it will not work.

    Simply edit your "c2runtime.js" and find-&-replace *.png with *.svg . Thats it. The benefit i see here is the small file size if

    you have large resolution objects (something like 4-5 diffrent trees, clouds, grass, etc.). Maybe in a further release / update

    it will be possible to load *.SVG. I also try the plugin for construct 2, but it handles only simple svg stuff, if i am not wrong.

    And with my workaround, HTML5 (construct 2) uses "full supported" svg-files.

    Do you also tested it ? Whats your thoughts on this .... ?



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