upploading to scirra arcade breaks my game(in some browsers)

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  • Hey guys, i'm new here, yesterday i uploaded my second game to the Scirra Arcade, but i am having some problems. Sometimes the game gets totally messed up as soon as it detects a single mouse-click. This mostly happen in Firefox, but only for the Arcade version, i have had no similar problems when testing the game offline or when uploading it to my own website. Usually it works fine at first, but if i play a few times or when i reload the page stuff gets messed up. Its always the same things, objects get misplaced and values gets changed.

    The game ends up looking like this , but its not supposed to

    I really want to figure out what is causing this, but first i need to know if this is just happening to me or if its happening to everybody, and whether it is affecting more browsers than firefox.

    here is the arcade version: tinyurl.com/olwk4nd

    and here is the non-arcade version: fantasifolk.net/arrow

    I would really appreciate if some of you guys could test them out and see if you get the same bug as me .

  • You are going to have to provide a link or a name or we can't test it for you.

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  • You are going to have to provide a link or a name or we can't test it for you.

    yea, i guess i do. To bad the forum post that told me i could post links with 250 rep was lying to me, someone should really change that.

  • 50 manual pages later....

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