Updated my post on Tile Maps

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  • [quote:1yprb2ge]My blog post (so far) seems to be accurate

    In my opinion importing Kenney's tiles to a Sprite object (as an animation frames)

    is not only ignorant, but also totally useless. And it has nothing in common with Tilemap object.

    I thought that because this technique of importing tiles into a sprite object was okay. After all, it was one of the main features of Ashley's tutorial on Platforming. You might want to read this page https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/253/how-to-make-a-platform-game/page-2 written by Ashley. He clearly is using the Sprite object and pulling in tiles from the Tiles.png bitmap which is given free to all Construct 2 buyers.

    If this technique is not to be given to beginners, you should have Ashley remove it from the tutorials. It's clearly in the Tutorials -> Beginners -> Workflow section.

    And rest assured, I will change every thing in my post so that it only talks about sprite sheets, the sprite object, but if it is okay with you, I will call the pieces of art inside the sprite sheet, tiles, following Ashley's lead in the tutorial cited above.

    Or are you objecting to Kenney's tiles?

  • And believe me - out of all the people on this boards or/and the internet - he was the nicest commentator that could come around. It could been worse.

    It could have been me.

    I hadn't encountered not-nice commentators on the Construct 2 forums before today. I've been away and I guess things have changed.

  • sure, Ashley could update tutorial with informations about Tilemap object

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  • I guess there's no right and no wrong ways to do things, just good and bad ways. You may achieve something you think is OK with a method but then there's methods that will be simpler to use, faster to process and produce better result....

    This is something every C2 newbie have to go through, no matter their history of other kinds of programming.

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