Update on OUYA Development (ODK)

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  • woot, yay someone with an Ouya to start testing :D

    1st. There is no WebGL for Android devices as of yet :( And maybe not so much in the future.

    2nd. Can you tell us what a blank screen FPS is? ( ie nothing)

    3rd. Tell us what your game FPS is at.

    4th. All Controller capability that is working and not working.And does it support multiple controllers.

    5th. Are you using CocoonJS or stock browser? If not is there away to get CocoonJS version up and running.

    6th. Not having the primary buttons is a serious killer for making games :(

  • I also got my Ouya, but have no idea how to put games on it! mattcoles, could you please give me a step-by-step?

  • Tobye

    All i did was put the APK file on my website and then with the browser i downloaded to the OUYA. I then went to dev->software->downloads in the menu and selected the APK. At this point it installs and when you go back to the software menu your app is there.

  • Thanks rfisher! I'm looking forward to doing some testing.

  • Tobye

    For me, my game is working great with the OUYA. I'm using phonegap since the ability to make a controller plugin is what i need. I don't think Cocoonjs allows this, but i never looked.

    Currently the OUYA only recognizes Left, Right, Up, Down, and Return from the controller for HTML5 games. To use all of the buttons and to allow multiple controllers at once, a phonegap plugin is needed.

  • rfisher - 0h really? I read a while ago that Phonegap had some big issues (I think not playing sound was one of them). I don't suppose you have details of any problems? This would be fantastic if I could get things going!

  • Tobye

    Phonegap sound is working for me. I have background sound that i have to manually restart to get looping working. I also have a couple of sound effects that work also while the background music is playing.

    I also tried a version of my game with Cocoonjs that worked with phonegap and it would not recognise the controller input. If they could get the Ouya controller integrated into Cocoonjs I would switch.

    Phonegap also works with the spritefont plugin. I thought Cocoonjs does not.

    Phonegap also works with the default ajax plugin. I thought Cocoonjs does not.

  • rfisher - sorry to keep bothering you, but I can't seem to find the plugin anywhere. Lots of people mentioning it, but I did a search on the plugin forums and got nothing. Also do you have any ideas as to how to monetise on Ouya? With CocoonJS I can use the Clay.io plugin, but have no idea otherwise.

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  • Tobye

    no bother,

    Right now there is no phonegap plugin. It needs to me created. There actually needs to be a phonegap plugin for both construct 2 and phonegap.

    As for monetise on the Ouya, thats the last thing i'm going to worry about. If my game is popular, then yes.

  • rfisher - oh okay, I just looked at the website and am trying to figure out how it works. So far it confuses me a lot, but I hope to get the hang of it. But you were saying you created a controller plugin? Sounds as though you are much more advanced than I am :)

    I reckon I will just have to wait and see if something simpler comes along, although I would really like to take advantage of my promised free promotion by Ouya ^^

  • Tobye

    I haven't made a controller plugin yet. But as soon as I get it working i will let you know.

  • Tobye

    I have been using Phonegap build for all my tests with the Ouya so far which doesn't appear to let a user add a plugin. So I was forced to setup the Android SDK and now I have a APK of my game and I want to see if it works on the Ouya. If it does i will test my Ouya controller plugin which just returns the keycode from the controller. I hope it works.

  • Tobye

    My APK worked on the Ouya. I really didn't think it was going to work because the graphics did not look right in the emulator. So now i'm going test the simple plugin to see if sees all the buttons on the controller.

  • rfisher - thanks for the updates! I don't know how to use the android SDK though. I have it installed, but so far all that happens for me when I try to use it is it comes up with a list of things I've installed. You can use it to make an APK of your Construct game?

  • Tobye, yes but you need to use phonegap SDK as well. Basically you use Eclipse with phonegap.

    Here is the guide from phonegap.

    This tutorial is a little better.

    Phonegap Droid/Eclipse

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