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  • I have recently been working on a retro styled game and have been having problems trying to recreate the look of an older console because C2 updates just too smoothly, now I am sure that one has not been said before ;)

    Anyway, I came to think that it would be pretty neat to have an update interval option that would allow you to set C2 to update at a lower framerate with regards to object positioning and frames animating and so on.

    This would also look great if you were trying to recreate an older cartoon animation style in a time when things were not quite so silky smooth due to the animators having to cut corners because of money\time constraints.

    Most people will probably wonder why this would be beneficial to them but I think that it would be a pretty small feature to add and would increase the overall charm of retro games.

    Thanks for reading.

  • You can actually do this manually by making your own dt that increments whenever you fancy. Then replace all your dt with the new dt.

    You will definitely have a problem with behaviors that integrate dt, however. Hmm.

    You could also do some things with the timescale, for instance setting it to 0 every 2 ticks, but every alternate tick set it to 2.

    Some ideas I just whipped up ;)

  • Thanks sqiddster for the suggestions, some good ideas there that I will have a play with.

    It would be nice to have an inbuilt option to easily handle this though.

  • Have you tried enabling "Pixel Rounding"? This helps tremendously for retro games but it doesn't work for scaling or rotation which is weird.

  • Thats a great tip Squiddster

  • Hi Tokinsom, yes I am aware of the Pixel Rounding option but it still isn`t quite what I`m after. It does help to some degree though.

    I also agree that it should work for rotation and scaling, hopefully this is on Ashleys todo list?

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  • You could also do something like have all the real gameplay sprites running as normal but made invisible, then every x seconds or ticks update the locations of visible display sprites. Or use rojohound's canvas plugin and paste to that every x seconds or ticks. Or even possibly turn off the background for all the layers, set it so c2 doesn't clear the background, and then make the gameplay layers visible every x seconds or ticks instead.

  • Thanks Arima for the suggestion, sounds like it could work. Lots of neat ideas here, thanks guys for taking the time to post.

    Still hopeful for a possible official addition in the future.

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