Upcoming discount deal????!!!!

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  • How often does scirra put discount dealss???

    i just missed 30% off deal of construct 2 in feb

    n im reallly broooooke...

    it seems generally there's big sale in april

    but any chance there will be sale anytime soon?

    me waaant discount !!!

    me broooke

  • It's random, but if you subscribe you will get an email when they have a sale on....

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  • aplus900 the discount is random and it's like once or twice in a year if I am not wrong. I think it is a bad idea for Scirra Team to let us know before they go to sale as that would be bad for both buyers who got C2 some days before and who want it soon , I mean to say who already got will just feel bad that they gave little more and who was going to buy will wait until they got discount. That will make everything a messy.

    C2 is worth of money that is 130 Dollars is not very much for such kind of software, Team C2 don't need anything else other than just one time pay.

    If you are good in making games you can make that money in no time, many of our users did that already.

    you means not you, i am saying that in general, I am just sharing my experience.

    Hope that helps.

    Welcome to C2 Community.

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