Trouble With Set Value Global Variable

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  • Hi guys, could you help me to resolve this problem..

    I want to set value some global variables when specific situation of a global variable is true.

    this is the code.

    The value is always empty even if the condition is true.

    And some times one of the variable is set a value, but not all. I have call in 10 stage but just one variable i got a value..

    please help, i do need it.

  • So if I'm correct you want to set stslogin to 2 when a certain action is done. Then all you do is go to Add Action, and then System > Global Variables: Set Variable, and then give the variable you wish to set the value of 2.

    I hope that's helps? I'm slightly confused by your question to be honest.

    I'm currently having a problem whereby I'm setting global variables, however they're not actually being set properly ><.

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  • The stslogin value has set 2, but twtuserid, twtname and twtimageurl still empty. what's wrong with this condition?

  • resvi - have you used the debugger to see if the values are changing to anything? Also, is it possible that twtuserid, twtname and twtimageurl really don't have anything? (i.e. the Browser.QueryParam gets nothing back)

  • Agree with manley23, your browser.queryparam returns nothing and therefor saves nothing.


    the stslogin value never equals 2

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