Trackpad instead of Mouse Input

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  • First, Great job on Construct 2 to the team !

    Am an electronics engineer who used to love programming & gave it up all to earn his bread in marketing. Construct 2 just helped me rejuvenate those skills !

    I just completed the beginners tutorial game. I am working on a laptop with a trackpad input instead of the mouse.So the "Player" turns around with the trackpad, shoots bullets with trackpad but "Player" movement is only with the up/down/right/left arrows.

    How do I make the player move with the trackpad finger movement ?

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  • there is a "move At Angle" command for sprites which should do that.

    u could compare angle from the touchscreens finger position to player, and there u got the value.

    but i dont know if the trackpad finger position is handled like a mouse position.

    cya xeed

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