Tizen's performance with physics?

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  • Hey!

    I'm really getting in to Tizen thanks to the competition and the fact it's a LOT simpler to develop for since it supports pretty much everything, and has direct export in C2 (and Scirra has partnered with Tizen, so yeah Tizen seems like the way to go!)

    However, developing my game to enter into the competition, I'm wary about performance as I use quite a lot of physics objects in my project and I don't have a device to test with. This leads me to two questions:

    1. What IS the performance like with physics?

    2. Is there any way to emulate Tizen in terms of emulating the phones CPU, GPU, RAM, to see how it performs without owning a device? (I'm aware of the web simulator, but I'm not sure if that's emulating the hardware)

    I don't see too many threads about Tizen on here, I'm not sure if people just don't have much to ask or if all information is already out there somewhere (I tried to search a bit :P), though I'm sure others may be curious about this too! xD

  • Hey Jase00,

    We've found physics performance to be pretty good.

    In regards to testing out performance on hardware, I'd recommend coding in something that displays the average fps, then use the Remote Test Lab. Video lag will mean you don't get to see the actual performance, but you'll know it runs and the fps will be a good indicator of performance.

    Hope that helps.

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  • thehen , That is EXTREMELY useful, it's exactly what I need! Many many thanks!

    EDIT: I got as far as getting into the emulator, but I have no idea how to install a Tizen-exported C2 project onto it. I have an export sitting there, just not sure how to install... :P

  • Jase00 have you been able to deploy to the emulator? I'd recommend doing that first as you'll probably have a number of hurdles to overcome.

    If performance is an early concern (which it should be!) simply upload an html export and test in the Tizen browser.

  • thehen Yeah I fiddled around with Java and managed to get it running :P Ahhhh I get it now, so it's gotta be loaded through it's browser rather than installed as an app, makes sense! Will try that out :P

  • Jase00 nah, you don't load it through the browser, but browser performance is the same as if it was an app. It will be a good indication of performance running through the browser.

    I'm not actually sure how you'd get the build deployed to a remote device. Normally you use the IDE and can see connections in the Connection Explorer View for both the emulator and hardware...

  • Hmm I think when downloading the RTL client, it should display in the connection explorer from within the Tizen IDE, which you can then run the .wgt from. I think. There's basically no documentation.

  • thehen , I had it working for a while, loaded my game through the browser and got a glimpse of it (Hooray it was around 25-30fps on a very empty level with quite a few physics stuff going on), but eventually the emulator just froze (only the stream of the mobile phone, i could still click and right click but the phone stream had frozen) and so I rebooted the phone, and whilst I waited I went to another Tizen phone for 30 mins and it gets stuck at the splash screen with "Loading screen". I tried ANOTHER Tizen phone after that for 30 mins and again "Loading Screen" stuck. I don't understand why, everything seemed fine the first try lol :(

    I'm down to 8 credits already haha, this is very fiddly stuff. I guess if I don't get this working, I'll just intensely analyse the Debug Profiler on Construct 2 and hope for the best :P

  • Jase00 perhaps the stream froze when loading?

    Remote debugging is definitely a pain. If you can pester Samsung to let you use the hardware that would be the best bet.

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