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  • I'm not sure I understand the locking orientation as an action, but the typical way is to make the changes to the config.xml in the Tizen IDE:

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/EddS8BW.jpg" border="0" />

  • thehen

    I got "Landscape" in config.xml (as you show on screenshot)

    and I got locked "Landscape" as a 1st action on 1st layout

    and Web Simulator still shows portrait

  • I'm assuming you rebuilt the project after making changes to config.xml?

    Did you change to landscape in the simulator too?

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/2jJUa44.jpg" border="0" />

  • thehen

    clean + rebuild,

    and also changing portrait/landscape on Web Simulator

    in my c2runtime.js I see:

         Acts.prototype.LockOrientation = function (o)


              o = Math.floor(o);

              if (o < 0 || o >= orientations.length)


              var orientation = orientations[o];

              if (screen["lockOrientation"])


              else if (screen["webkitLockOrientation"])


              else if (screen["mozLockOrientation"])


              else if (screen["msLockOrientation"])


    and then it is used,

    so for now I have done everything (?) as it should be

  • also I can't use Ashley hack, I mean: action Browser > Execute Javascript > paste


    because Construct 2 gives Syntax Error

  • Landscape is not worse thing.

    I have a warning message when try upload my binarry file :

    "The screen size feature in the binary file you have uploaded cannot be verified. Please check it manually and re-upload the file."

    Guys from Tizen support recomended to use <Screen Feature/> but uploader show the same result and break upload process.

    Here my config.xml screen with error near <Screen Feature/>

    Before this I have a few little bugs in config, but support solve my problem. Why so much errors ? What's wrong?

  • Kurz

    in Tizen IDE go to config.xml and click "Features" tab - it's safer to add new things via such pre-configured tabs

    anyway: this feature will just make that your app will be avalaible for 1280x720 screens (so other screens will not see your app, I guess)

    still no working solution for Landscape layout and this is really sad

  • Oh, what a... Man, you awesome !

    "He is alive! Alive"

  • About landscape : somewhere Ashley write that he has 2.2 Tizen device, and as he write in release note : "Browser object: 'lock orientation' and 'unlock orientation' actions. Not yet widely supported but should cover Tizen, Firefox OS and IE11 mobile." I think he test it on this device and probably it work fine. Simulator - it's just a browser which may check some kind of errors - it doesn't show real FPS or CpuUtilization or smth else.

    Maybe we just have to trust Ashley ))

    But if the game will be a candidate to win and lose because of the wrong orientation - it would be extremely bad... very-very bad

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  • If someone wants to PM me an exported build I'll take a look. I've had no problems getting my game to run in landscape by changing config.xml.

  • thehen - Thanks for the offer! I just sent you a PM.

  • for those who cant upload there game doent fix the landscape problem but does everything else


  • thehen

    but your game looks landscape also on Web Simulator

    or only on real test device?

  • does anyone get Landscape layout (when setup correctly on their C2 app) on Web Simulator?

    it's good to know if it is Web Simulator issue (and Landscape is working fine) or Construct 2 issue

  • Just to confirm I can repro using other peoples .wgt but not my own. It could possibly be related to 'Fullscreen in browser' mode, but I'm not sure so just waiting on a .capx.

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