Three Questions Regarding NW.js Exported Window Size Issue

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  • I reported a bug about NW.js window size around 2 years ago and have tracked the issue since.

    Please read it in detail a link below. All provided CAPX are still available.

    In short, we get a wrong window size/resolution in exported NWJS projects.

    It's clear that something is wrong with chromium. NOT C2/3 or NW.js.

    However, I have three questions I'd like to hear answers from Ashley and C2 community if I could.

    1.Preview mode in C2 does not have this issue. Why?

    The issue appears ONLY when I export as NW.js (meaning desktop exe).

    No matter what version of NW.js I use, it works fine when I PREVIEW on C2 with setting "Preview browser" as NW.js.

    Is there some setting difference between exporting and previewing NW.js?

    2.Why NW.js v0.13.0 alpha 5 works?

    As I stated on the original bug report. NW.js V0.13.0 alpha 5 works but after that version, the bug appears.

    I read release notes but can't really find about window or DPI related things.

    3.Tyranobuilder and RPG maker MV use NW.js too but don't have the bug. Why?

    I recently played some PC games made by the two softwares and noticed they use NW.js too but have no resolution issue.

    Judging from file structures, Tyranobuilder uses an older version of NW.js.

    RPG maker MV seems to use a newer one.

    I don't expect a clear cut answer on this one since it's about two non Scirra products.

    If YOU read this and use RPG maker MV(I don't own it), please let us know what NW.js version they use.

    As I clearfy in the beginnig, chromium has an issue but I can't shake my feeling there could be some issue in C2 end.

    I hope this doesn't come across some sort of accusation or anything.

    I've tried to figure it out the issue so long by myself but simply am not capable of.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Just tried it here, on i5 4210 u, win 10, latest stable and latest nw. Preview and exported look exactly the same too me running x64. Try uninstalling Canary, clean your registers with cc cleaner and see if this will change anything? Or it might be gpu drivers issue. I don't have dedicated gpu in this laptop, but I will check tmrw on a laptop with 1050ti and also can check on desktop with gtx770.

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  • Thanks for the report, megatronx but the bug still exists.

    I've done your suggestion several times in course of 2 years too. I tried with a clean installed OS before but got the same result.

    This post is NOT about the bug report so I keep it short but here is a pic showing the remain problem.

    This's done with Win7 64bit, C2 265 and NW.js 0.35.0. If you run with win10, the issue becomes more noticeable.

    For further details, please read links I provided. AGAIN, it's a chromium or NW.js bug.

    Using C2 or not, other people using NW.js have experienced the same issue.

    My questions came from that there might be a workaround about the bug in a C2 code or exporting stage.

    Because Previews give us a better result, could C2 give us the same in exported projects, couldn't it?

    Was there a critical change about resolution or High DPI between NW.js 0.13.0 alpha 5 and after?

    If other software using NW.js/chromium with the bug don't have the problem, maybe the software have some workaround?

    Scirra can answer about my first question so I'd like to hear from them.

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