I think Ive the limit of what C2 can handle...

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  • this capx should be enough to see whats goin on Ashley


  • It is odd that only using a few sprite sheets wouldn't work, but I noticed you're using the Canvas plugin. It could be a bug or memory leak in that plugin - but we can't support third-party plugins since it's not our code. If you think this is a Construct 2 bug, please report a bug without using any third party plugins to prove it's a problem in C2 itself, but I would strongly recommend you still approach this a different way or use a different tool, because none of the systems you are using (C2, the browser, the GPU, etc.) are designed to work well this way. If you're trying to make a 3D engine then Construct 2 is not a suitable tool for this, so we may not even be able to fix bugs that occur when trying to make a 3D game in Construct 2. Sorry!

  • the problem isnt the pseudo 3d that works fine. If I delete alot or all the images that led me to make this thread it works perfectly and loads almost instantly. And like I said the layout isnt even using any of those.

    so its bound to be in the loading process somewhere thats causing the issue. The more images I delete the faster it tries to load until eventually (around 40 or so out of 168) it works normally.

    Im not disputing the fact that this is not the best way to handle this sort of thing but its the only way c2 can currently handle it thats why I made this thread its also why I suggested the load image from url as sprite sheet option.

    With it anyone (not just me with this crazy engine) could load animations at runtime and ONLY LOAD the ones needed for the current layout. Not try to load 168 animations with 56 frames that arent even used...

    EDIT: I forgot that the capx I posted doesnt even include the rendering of the pseudo 3d I deleted that event sheet before I shared it. All it includes is the creation of the walls used to render the 3d of which none are created so its not even set active because theres 0 walls to create in that capx.

    So what you see in that capx if it loads is a blank screen with a blank map. But you wont see that cause it never loads the preview

  • Ashley

    It occurs even if everything except the wall3d sprite is deleted from the capx, but 9408 images is a lot.


    Why not do your own animation loading?

    You're already using a trick to do pseudo3d, so another trick shouldn't be too bad.

    You can't add frames at runtime but you can load a different image into a frame. Just loop through the frames to load them. You'll still have to have animations for the wall3d sprite to be able to replace. That will be the limit of how may different wall textures you can use per level.

  • R0J0hound you mean to store each frame online and load image from url it? I dunno how thatd work you cant load an image into a specific frame of an animation can you?

  • You can, you just need to set the animation frame before you use the "load image from url" action.

  • It could work I guess if I limit it to maybe 10-12 textures per map the only problem with it is you cant test it locally then cause of cross domain requests =/

  • You can allow images to be used cross-domain if the server sends the same header mentioned in the AJAX manual entry.

  • yeah the problem with that is that I dunno if I can enable that, or how, or if my paid host even allows it. Theres no hotlinking protection enabled on the images but the local preview still wont load em so I guess its a cross domain thing

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  • aridale did you do something? I just tried the link in the first post of this thread and it seems to be working here. your link

    Its a bit laggy but the number on the top left (is it FPS?) is always above 40.

    Your game made me remember of this other cool game CubeMaze. I think it does the same 3d you are trying to do and it doesn't fell laggy at all. Maybe you should ask the guy that did it.

    My system:

    windows 7 64bit

    google chrome

    geforce 310M driver version 270.61

    intel i7 first generation

    4gb ram

  • yeah thats a different version without all the images that caused the problem. Its laggy like that on purpose to make it like the old TSR Goldbox games. If your talkin about the movement and turning anyway...

  • Works for me also.

    Windows 7 x64

    Chrome 20.0.1132.43 beta-m

    Core i7 870

    16.0GB ram

    Radeon HD 6850 x 2

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