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  • I guess technically it shouldn't matter if the textures aren't p^2, just so long as the sheet is.

    That doesn't make it any easier for asset management however.

    I think the best solution would be to have the 2px padded images on their on sheet, one that didn't need to tile.

    The other options are the ability to turn off sprite sheeting, turn off the 2px padding, or give the user the ability to make their own sheets.

    The last being the least likely since it rules out the padding thing.

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  • Exactly. Most game engines operate usually only on p^2 textures. So while you make your graphic assets you can aim for 1024x1024 for your character sheet and you know exactly how much space you have and how many frames you can fit into. But here's not the case. You can more less estimate if your final animation fit in 1024^2, but you need to know that before you start designing your assets. And if for some reason you forget about "extra fringe" then you will get nice surprise after export, because your arts were 2 pixels two big You ended up with 2048^2 half empty sheet.

  • I totally agree this would make it worth the $155.99 i would buy it in a heartbeat if it has this feature.

    Oh even better would improve this is a grid mode to see where and what your drawing in the frame the grid mode could be toggled on and off.

  • +1

    All good suggestions. The image editor could do with some upgrading since it's the only way we have to arrange animations atm.

    I'd like to add another one: Make the editor able to import/reference external sprite atlases. Right now we can't make sweeping changes to entire animation sequences at a time. Say you need to do a color/contrast tweak to a set of 350 non-uniform sized animation frames. Only way to do that right now would be to tweak and re-import the frames one by one, whereas with access to external sheets we could make the changes in photoshop/gimp/whatever in 5 minutes. I realize this likely won't happen since it would probably mean some hefty changes to the internal workings of the editor, but it would be great. To work with animation-heavy games is a real pain in the rear without it imo.

  • ErekT

    Not the most elegant solution, but wouldn't it be possible to batch process those kind of changes and drop the results into the animations folder directly?

    Also, what about 'link to original source file'? ... ons-editor

  • TiAm

    'link to original source file' doesn't help for the scenario I'm talking about unfortunately :/ You'd still need to edit the frames one-by-one even if they're stored somewhere outside the project.

    How you mean batch process? Is that something that photoshop and the like supports?

  • ErekT Google something like "Batch edit" Photoshop has a feature where you make the edits you need to a image then you select the batch setting select the images you need edited. It then uses the history to redo everything you edited and apply it to all frames. its great when you need to edit alot of images with the same thing. Most images editors ive used have similar support built-in or through 3rd party plugins.

  • ErekT

    Ah, I see, you are talking about batch processing itself. For gimp, there's BIMP:

  • volkiller730 TiAm

    Thanks, I'll take a look

  • i agree with most points, and would mostly like to see this implemented: Ashley

    • shift + click on "guess collision polygon" - for whole animation (instead of frame by frame -.-')
    • adding imagepoints on whole animation then renaming it - renames only the first one - they should be "connected"
    • deleting the same way as above

    + all the other things that people mentioned.

    now Ashley told me that the best usage for spriteshitting is 2^n -2 x 2^n -2, for example - 512x512 should be resized to 510,510, because that's 2^9-2 x 2^9 -2. Now i've tested some stuff in my game and guess what? it's really saving up memory, depending on your resolutions quite a lot.

    I've exported default (huge animation of 150 frames each 512x512) and i got - 10 spritesheets 2048x2048 + 3 x 1024x1024 pixels which gives all together - 45088768 pixels. now do the math 32 bit per pixel - 1442840576 - divide by 8 for bytes, and 1024 for kb and another 1024 for mb - 172MB.

    after that i resized for these 2 pixels so now i exported again - and i only got 10 spritesheets. So now the usage is - (10 x 2048 x 2048 * 32)/(8x1024*1024) = 160MB

    therefore we've saved 12MB of memory usage. But the overall download size increased because spritesheets had more data in them - from 10MB to 16MB.

    Of course that this seems a little, but take your whole game - let's say 200 sprites with 2-3 animations - 400-600 animations with 50 frames - 20 000 frames - you could save a lot!

  • Bumping this because C2 could do with more usability. I'm working with a lot of animation frames atm and the image editor is a right terror to work with. Nothing else in the design process takes nearly as much time or is so tedious, so I hesitate to label this a low priority issue. Doesn't seem like a low priority if it's by far the biggest cause of delay in progress!

    Also would like to suggest a drag-and-drop possibility for frames between animations, but failing that the copy & paste option would be welcome.

  • One year, one week and one day have passed... still no word from Ashley about any of this. I think this means we can all forget about that thread cause it's useless. C3 will come out sooner then any of this will get to C2.

    Oh yeah, I forgot. Image editor get 3 new icons (external editor, link, reload) yey, let's celebrate.

  • If other things are really taking up too much of the team's time then I think Scirra should consider hiring another person(s) to take care of issues like this. Right now C2 seems to be gearing itself more towards making super-simple mobile games instead of a full-on game engine for all kinds of projects. Cool I guess, but I would've really liked some simple tweaks like this instead of "more ways to export to mobile" or whatever.

  • One year, one week and one day have passed... still no word from Ashley about any of this. I think this means we can all forget about that thread cause it's useless. C3 will come out sooner then any of this will get to C2.

    Unfortunately this seems to be a bit of a case now. But then again it's somewhat understandable given how, apparently, "the community" wanted MP the most, plenty of time and resources were spent on it and now barely anyone uses it. It's unfortunate, but hardly surprising that Ashley seems to cherry pick what he'd like to implement.

    C2 has a good deal more small extra features than CC did, even some things I had made for CC as plugins - this is really cool. And yet many of these things seem a bit like "check mark" features - yeah, we got an editor, yeah, we got tilemaps, we got this and that. Not all of it works right, not all of it is made with actual usage in mind, which is a shame. Perhaps getting some talented individuals to fix these things up wouldn't be such a bad idea - a single person can only do so much and have so much inspiration for a given thing.

  • I have a question about the image editor, and if the answer's no I'd also like to request it as a feature for whenever "Construct 3" comes out lel

    Is there a way to effect mass changes to imported sprites and sprite sheets? For example, in Construct Classic you could select a color to turn transparent when importing sprites, useful for automatically getting rid of any default background color they may have. Would also be nice if this extended to an entire "replace color" function so you can select multiple colors throughout all frames, in case you need to select more than one and do more than make it transparent.

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