Things I'd like to see in Construct.

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  • ... Once you get the hang of it, creating behaviors and plugins which add, modify, or even create new functionality, is rather easy. You're just moving the scripting down one level, from scripting directly in an object to an external bit of code ... by far I think the JavaScript SDK gives me more power and control than a built-in system ever did.

    Well said! Couldn't agree more!

    .. My wish for the Future is, that all the Programmers that can Help this little "2-Man-Team" should bring in all the Knowledge they have an the "Will" to Help to Push this Great Tool.

    No need to make it a wish for the future - right now, those of us who're contributing tutorials and plugins are doing exactly that.

  • > This anti coding/scripting mentality on the forums is disheartening. Providing users with as many options as possible should be the goal, not limiting it to a click only interface. Certain individuals do not like coding or simply are unable to do it, and thats why the event system is so great for them. Others love it and enjoy it and are desperately trying to work with the event system in a way that flows like the way they code and script.


    > I spent good money on the software and so have many others that like coding/scripting. Our opinions are just as relevant as those that do not like coding.

    You spent your good money on a codeless developer tool. Whoops.

    Nearly limitless options already exist through programming. C2 seeks to port as much of that functionality over to a codeless environment as they can. That's my understanding of it, anyways. If you want a coding environment with WYSIWYG, you have plenty of options elsewhere. And with C2, you have the SDK which is developed hand-in-hand with the primary software. And nobody I've seen is against its use. So if you want to code, use it.

    And why do you feel that providing as many options as possible is not a goal here? It's just trying to make those options available without coding. That's the whole point, as it has been since day one so far as I can tell.

    If you bought this software to code in a way that isn't accessible in C2, then you made a mistake.

    Why whoops? I made a whoops because I see validity in the opinions others have for scripting and coding with game development? Whoops because you assume I made a purchase without knowing exactly what I was buying? I knew exactly what I was spending my money on when I bought construct. I have followed it for quite some time. I was agreeing with others who make points about scripting and understand their point of view.

    Instead of having a constructive conversation you simply point to the door to seek alternative solutions.

    Also I remember "day one" including python scripting.

    Yeah, I apologize. Conditions of last night left me in a poor mood, which I needlessly revealed in my statements to you.

    While I disagree with the tone I used to say it, particularly the portions directed at you personally, I still maintain that C2 should focus on its event-based scripting, and that the SDK, along with any other plug-ins (apparently C2 is modulated in such a way that plug-ins can come into effect through tremendously variable means) should be the sole conventional coding apparatus for the foreseeable future.

    And while I don't disagree that having something like a "split-screen" (code/design) view in the event editor would be a nice addition, my understanding is that it is not practical in C2, and would have to be forged with that intent from the start, like in Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010, or GWT Designer (which I cannot install!!! <img src="smileys/smiley7.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> ).

    So yeah, I apologize for my initial tone. I certainly didn't mean to appear to be pointing at any doors, and indeed should not have been pointing at all.

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  • I think we both were in foul moods =) I feel like I helped instigate a negative conversation. Sorry about that.

    With the javascript SDK construct offers great opportunities for digging in to and learning javascript game development for those that are new to the area and I think that is more than enough for those of us that want some scripting to go with what we are doing. Not only that, being able to learn javascript along with rapid game prototyping makes this an incredible tool. (Not saying that it is unable to create great games outright as well).

    Anyhow I look forward to diving further in to the javascript SDK

  • Twinsonian

    Check this out, and go down to rexrainbow's current project. I think you might be interested :)

  • ^ Only that this software never promised any scripting at all, it just simply was not C2's goal. It is not a "mentality", there are many reasons beyond "not liking" or not "being able" to do it. Also, many of us make art of several forms, making music and spriting being two things that are very time consuming, why would I want to consume even more time on scripting when I just simply do not have it? I have scripted before, and as a personal opinion I don't see the point of it in a software like C2 and I will never go back to scripting if I don't have to.

    I also agree... Now don't get me wrong, the clicking together games is awesome! But, any seriously intensive games with many many objects and events etc.. can get quite complicated really quick, with that many events and actions, and there are some things sequences, that would just be easier to understand if you could bang out a quick piece of script.. and yes they never did promise a hint of coding ability, but we are trying to help make construct the defacto standard game making app no??

    So, since Javascript is already being used for plugins / addons, why not simply let us use this in areas to define actions to respond to the events, like with a button after selecting an event, either drag and drop an pre-made action, or click a button and type some code in??

    Just an idea..

  • teahousemoon

    Currently I'm creating plugin for match 3. See this demo.


    Function plugin could inject javscript code to implement some game logic, but it was not designed to implement whole product, only for game logic.

    The architecture of C2 (event system with custom plugins) is very beautiful for me. I had made more than 80 plugins.

  • You're a wild man, Rex (that's a compliment, by the way) <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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