Thankyou so much for new Features in Beta r109

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  • It did seem a little clunky.

    In an ideal world we'd be able to pass an object into a function (as if using a pointer). Not sure how that would work with C2's architecture. (I guess NOT)

  • foolberry

    The work around I proposed with iid seems fairly reasonable to me.

  • Gosh you guys,

    I really feel like an idiot! Everyone is praising these new features. It sucks to have to be so honest about my ignorance, but I do not know what the heck your talking about. I just did some poking around and still have no idea what they are, where they are, and how to use them. Is there a tute or article, that I may have missed in the forum search?

  • Val , Briefly , You can use them to activate a group of events with 1 event only ( You don't need to rewrite the events anymore , Yay ) !

    Edit : Check out the Release log for more infos !

  • Hi White Claws!

    Thanks for the speedy response. That feature for the variables does look awesome. Now I pretty much understand what it is and what it does. There is an image in the archive update showing the panel "Parameters for Function: Call Function" How do you access that panel?

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  • Action of the Function object : Call Function.

    Then you can "Add parameters" within the dialog.

    There was this topic a few weeks ago that might give you more infos.

  • Hi Kyatric,

    Thanks for the link to that thread, it did not come up on my forum search. I opened your capx. example. So I'm not really feeling as inept as I was before. Still inept, yet not so much. Why?, because when I downloaded and opened your file and right clicked on the first condition in your event sheet to see how you accessed the function option, your system menu opened with the functions option right there. However even though I have the latest version, that function option does not appear in my menu (which pretty much explains why I could not find it). I'm going to reinstall the latest version to see if it helps.

    (edit) I just reinstalled the latest version. When I click "add event" in your capx., the new functions option is available. It is not available when I click "add event" in the capx I just opened on my end. Is there a plugin or something that needs to be installed separately?

    (edit) Found it!!!!!

    Did not realize you had to add it as an object. Doohhh!

    Still took dissecting your capx to figure it out....Thanks again

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