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  • Anyone know what's going on with the Mac nodewebkit, any weird settings, or is it just incomplete? I've seen people say its glitch graphics, for me, my game has nearly all the sprites turned to black aside from the font but of course works perfectly on chrome (new Mac mini and older Mac book pro give same results). It's a pity its not closer to how chrome works.

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  • Arima: isn't Canvas2D - Software as opposed to WebGL - Hardware ?

    : If it is like for PC, this issue sounds like a lack of graphic drivers update.

  • Everything utpo date, note how I said its perfect in Chrome but unusable in nodewebkit.

  • Kyatric - canvas2d is hardware accelerated as well, it's just webgl does it better, for reasons I'm not entirely clear about. Chrome/chromium's software rendering uses swiftshader, a technology that emulates hardware rendering in software, so apps think they're being hardware accelerated when they're really not.

  • Kyatric, Arima...thanks for the feedback. So canvas2d is also hardware accelerated? No wonder I was confused!

    So this still begs the question of ,how do you know if you are using hardware or software rendering. Can you actually force the browser to use one or the other for testing purposes?

  • Looking into it, it appears the swiftshader issue was already addressed:

    It seems though there was at least at the time no built in way to detect it, Ashley already put in checks by watching what OpenGL was doing to try to deactivate it.

  • Reading up on it more, from the OpenGL website, if OpenGL is not properly installed:

    "Without drivers, you will default to a software version of OpenGL 1.1 (on Win98, ME, and 2000), a Direct3D wrapper that supports OpenGL 1.1 (WinXP), or a Direct3D wrapper that supports OpenGL 1.1 (Windows Vista and Windows 7). None of these options are particularly fast, so installing drivers is always a good idea."

    So even if swiftshader is avoided, it doesn't necessarily help much. It's a shame we can't just install OpenGL with the application.

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