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  • I'm testing a game for moblie in the CocoonJS ludei app and sometimes it lags like crazy and other times it runs normally then lags to almost 1 fps. Can anyone help me out on this? And are there other ways for me to test on an iPhone until I am able to purchase an Android tablet?

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  • The performance on mobile greatly depends on the type of device you are using. What kind of iPhone were you testing on? I have found that the iPhone 4 has pretty terrible results while the 4s runs MUCH better, and my new iPhone 5s runs flawlessly. Also any inefficiencies in your code (ie too many collision checks) will be much more noticeable when testing on mobile rather then on your desktop.

    Other things to consider are:

    How much memory is your game using? The lower you can keep it the better for mobile for sure, especially when using CocoonJS.

    How many objects are on screen at once? See above ^

    Is WebGL enabled? This gives a HUGE performance boost, but not all devices support it. It is definitely one of the awesome benefits of using CocoonJS.

    Hope this helps



  • I'm using the iphone 4s.

    My game downloads at 1.4 mB and memory usage is 25.7mb

    WebGL is enabled

    my layout is 1920x1080 pixels

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