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  • One good thing that is good about an event-based editor is that if you do a lot of programming, you can also use Construct2 at the same time without making yourself forget the other stuff you were programming. I find that if I'm programming more than one thing, it becomes difficult to remember one or the other because usually you can spend a lot of time in one figuring out how to make stuff work and then having to relearn how things work in the other. Also, it is easier to return to a Construct2 project after taking a break from it compared to returning to a project that requires relearning what all your code does.

    But regardless, it is good to try different things so you can get familiar with what is available and learn what is the right tool for you for the job/task in front of you. I've been using all sorts of game makers since klik n play, and also have been programming in various languages. All of them allow you to make great games- so you just have to choose to make them if you want to. Good luck to everyone, no matter what you choose to do.

  • Sorry but this topic has become more Unity vs UE4 than Construct. Is like comparing apples (Construct) with pears (Unity/UE4). Yes, Construct 2 has competition, but is not Unity/UE4 . This is a personal choice.

    You won't make any profit at all if you don't make anything. It seems more like a what it can't do thread than what can I do thread.

    I'm sorry but when I see the complaint about not being able to export to consoles with heavy licensing, and yet no one seems to want to make content on a platform that requires none I get a little annoyed.

    This is nothing but excuses, and blame.

    I already have done my scribbling for a few small games (and the order of development), but I needed to know on what basis I develop the games. Yes, with Construct 2 would had been easiest and fastest to develop but after that I would have to spend a lot of time to fix/workaround for 3rd party warpers, or other inconvenient might appear.

    One example would be Aurel's The Next Penelope. Truly a masterpiece made with C2, that would look great on consoles and handhelds like PSP/PS Vita, but unfortuanly available only on PC (Windows, Linux, Mac) and WiiU. He also had a lot of trouble with NodeJs/Greenworks plugin.

    I repeat: Construct 2 is a great HTML5 engine, even when Unity/UE4 will support HTML5, C2 will still have the edge because is especially designed for that and is very optimized/light.

  • offtopic : NW.JS /greenworks seems to have issues only on linux and MacOSx (1-3% of sales)

  • I kind of agree with Newt that there is still plenty of opportunity to become successful using C2 (if you factor in the weaknesses of the platform when in the design phase). Still, the heart wants what the heart wants

    Best of luck guys. Look forward to seeing your progress regardless of the engine.

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/commen ... to_unreal/

    For those who are deciding between Unity & UE4

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  • Interesting article.

    No need for burning the bridge behind when using other tools.


    I have been on the receiving end of several critical bugs in Unity that prevented some mobile game launches/rollouts. We were truly at the mercy of their release/update cycle.

    Enough said.

  • I just found it interesting that they have many of the same complaints that are frequently raised about C2.. but they were talking about Unity!

    Unity cops a lot of flak for being amateurish compared to UE4 but some really excellent games have been made with it in recent times:

    Cities: Skylines being one of the most impressive for scale and optimizations.

    Satellite Reign being one of the most good looking Unity built game, ever. It looked so good I didn't believe it was from Unity until devs confirmed it.

    It's the user, not the tools, in this case. I feel the same way about C2 and 2D games.

  • what people don't get is that you need to invest a lot of time to actually achieve something.

    everyone wants to get rich with 1 game done over 1 night, and those are for sure doomed to fail. (both games and persons).

    there's a couple of culprits here:

    1. if you're a new developer (which most of new people here are, asking for "native exports" and such) - you didn't invest enough time to optimize your game, or overall you didn't invest enough time to use debugger, learn, watch stats, compare, learn, learn, and learn some more.. about game development and you end up developing a game that is slow on ios/android/nw and so on. in my time of construct i've made 2 games for myself (just to try the engine - both worked wonderfull), now i've bought the engine when i have the knowledge enough to make a good mobile game. and no i don't expect my first game to earn me millions, but a couple of bucks will do. and slowly until i get to at least 3k$ /monthly which is just fine for me. and yes i've wasted 1.5 year of learning and now i'm ready to start building my first game for sale on mobiles. (if you check my sig i've only done this 1 lvl isometric game which serves as a template, and trust me.. i've learned a LOT and devloped a great template that will serve me later).

    oh yes, and also - i'm a developer in c#, finished computer science + programming of information systems & programming engineering on my college (loads of programming and projects, learning about project management, design patterns. graphics, AI, and so on..) AND YET AGAIN it took me 1.5YEAR to PREPARE for real work.

    2. not a single engine is perfect. yes unreal is a perfect engine if you (like i said in 1. waste a year for learning, and half a year for tryin' to develop a full game / or at least a level) - and after that - you are ready to go. The same would be with any engine - just that unity / unreal have even steeper learning curves and you could probably spend half of your life learning whole unreal/unity. And guess what - when export fails and you are stuck on their next update or so - it's really bad. That's why C2 is great - javascript and c2's engine is pretty new, works good, is mobile, is made out from more 3rd parties but that overall lets you combine it however you want. which is way better because you only need to learn javascript - which will take you 2-3 weeks instead of 2-3 years and you can start writing your own plugins /fix existins / etc... but i guess everyone just wants "one click to heaven" program. there is no such.

    3. stupid people be stupid. you can't and you will never get rich over night. not legally at least. it takes time. be patient.

    4. games market is really full of any kind of shit - android mostly - everyone wants to export their super duper games there but most of those games are crap. and more and more crap is coming to android and google doesn't give a shit. i've seen like 10 youtube apps, they all suck (except the original one ...)

    5. new games needs to be thought out, you gotta occupy people with some neat interesting gaming way, instead of sticking to checked ones like touching only without gestures. or you will never attract new people. using gyro, location, etc.. be imaginative, don't copy other games.

    6. without ads you're nothing. of course that means that you will have to invest some money to promote your game. maybe your game won' be played when just put on, but it definitely will be, so save some money for advertising your game...

  • And above all that, some people want to make their PC games

    work on mobile devices magically. And they complain about performance.

    Mobile games are supposed to be highly simplified editions of

    PC games.

  • ...

    It's the user, not the tools, in this case. I feel the same way about C2 and 2D games.

    100% Agree. I've seen Airscape, Cosmochoria, The Next Penelope,

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    , so I know what C2 is capable of. Thanks to C2 I've learned the basics in games programming, but I don't see it as a viable solution for me in the future.

    Even if C2 is good at the moment, it has a lot of catch up in order to be the "best 2D game engine", some examples would be DPI-based 9patch/tilemap/tiledbackground, isometric tilemap, animated tilemap/9patch and Unity's smart sprite ... At the moment C2 can't even rotate 9patch/tilemap (you need to rotate the whole layer). Yes, you can walkaround over these, but would still me useful.


    1. I've worked in C2 for over 2 years, so I know about optimizations and other procedures.

    2. I agree, especially when the engine is bigger, the possibility of encountering bugs is bigger. I don't agree with the second part: If the exporter fails, roll back to a stable version. Also you talk as if the 3rd party warpers are perfect. And yes, I agree again with the javascript part... Even if the other engines uses C#, you still have to learn engine's specific C#.

    3. Yup, a lot of time and work is needed in order to make money after a game ... Unles you are f_cking lucky and make the next Flappy Bird

    4. And you think that with a program that lets you make a game "without coding" you will get only super polished games ?

    5. I agree. This is where Indies come in to bring small but innovative games.

    6. Like any product, you need to invest money to make money.

  • TGeorgeMihai - just a quick few answers:

    1. true - with more years of knowledge comes more exp. -> therefore better optimized games and stuff..

    2. i didn't say that 3rd party exporters are good, they have their flaws ofcourse, i'm sayin' you(or someone else who is really into c2) could be the one to learn javascript and create plugins and exporters yourself. maybe even better then those that exist.

    3. true

    4. of course not. it takes time to perfect something, but if you make a game like pong - there isn't much to make there - easy to polish. but if you go into makin' a tower defense for example that is well polished that would take time because of lot of things to think about - music, sounds, balance of enemies, towers, skill tree, skills, graphics, animations, pathfindings, obstacles, gameplay, map, etc.. polishing that game would take.. time.

    5. yes, AAA games seem to go downward lately (not innovative or fun at all :/)

    6. yep, unless you are flappy

  • Construct 2 is great, I don't think anyone can dispute that.

    Export options unfortunately are not. And Mobile export options especially are poor. 3rd party wrapper performance is awful at the moment, this can't be disputed either.

  • The thing with 9patch not being able to rotate could be fixed using a plugin using just webgl.

    You see it's the part about making as many people as possible happy that gets in the way.

  • The thing with 9patch not being able to rotate could be fixed using a plugin using just webgl.

    You see it's the part about making as many people as possible happy that gets in the way.

    Yes, but i think there shouldn't be a need for workarounds in payed software.

  • if you expect a perfect software today (bugless) in 2015. i have only 4 words for you - good luck finding it.

    there is simply no software that has it's culprits and misfires. from ue4 / unity to c2. nothing is perfect and working around something is way better and learning then just doing nothing .)

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