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  • I'm saving some data that I dont want the user to be able to modify or copy in any way. I'm currently using the basic command to do this but I have no idea where the file is saved on the end users PC and/or if its accessible and/or easy to modify or duplicate by the user.

    In an ideal world the user wont be able to touch it because I want to save stuff like in app purchases etc and I dont want to have to go with an online save ideally.

    So, is it secure/how hackable? ..and where is is it stored?

    EDIT: I'm actually using Construct 2 and posted in the wrong forum. Apologies, but hopefully its still just as relevant here.


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  • (Moved to C2 forum)

    In general, if your app can read the data, so can the user. So you can't rule out anyone inspecting or modifying the data.

    If your next thought is to try and encrypt it, it's the same situation, just with a minor hurdle in the way. Welcome to the anti-piracy arms race!

  • Okay thanks. I'll probably do my checks at the server end then.

    Out of interest, where exactly is it stored on a windows PC? (Using Chrome in my case..if that matters)

  • I'm not sure, browser storage is handled by the browser. It's probably in a database somewhere in the user data folder.

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