Switching from GMS to Construct2 ?

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  • Hey, me again. You say it if you're tired of my dumb questions. If I were you, maybe I would be.

    I'm making huge progress in porting my game to C2. I'm very happy.

    Everything works well, but some of the things that actually work...I don't fully understand how. I'm not having any issue, I would just like to understand how tha magic happens.

    • The "else" condition is more like a "then" no?

    I use it that way:

    > variable = yes

       else > do the yes action

    Again, it works, but is it ok to do this or do I miss something?

    • I use a global variable to switch my road sprites if the world is WorldA2 or WorldB2.

    To do that, I switch the animation index of my objects if the global variable is WorldA2 or WorldB2.

    Will every animations be loaded in every world (wich means, the memory will just explode at a time), or is it OK? is there a smarter way to do that?

    • When I use a lot of WebGL effects, some of my additive blended sprites are not drawn in additive anymore. I play a bit with the layers and everything is fine again, but is there something to know about it?

    Again, everything works, so, there is no emergency or something.

    I'm just curious to know how C2 works in those scenarios :)

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  • You must be doing something wrong with Else, because Else should works as a... Else. the else should not be indented inside the first condition, just put it after.

    I no expert yet, but yes I'm affraid all the animations will be loaded if they belong to the same sprite object.

    I don't know about the webgl effects, I don't use them much

  • + if condition(e.g variable == 1)

    • condition is true so do something

    + else

    • condition is wrong(cause variable is not 1) so do something else

    if you insert into your if an else it won?t work

  • Thank you very much. I was sure I was missing something with the "else", but I needed a confirmation.

    I'll pratice and read again the manual.

    Thanks a lot for your time :)

    EDIT: how stupid I can be. The reason of this question was a bad copy/paste with "if variable is different > else > do this", instead of "if variable is egal to > do this". This is why it worked even if I was wrong.

  • "Mobile dev is not a dealbreaker for me, my main usage would be the desktop exporter." -OP

    Dude, make sure YOU TEST IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT.

    I just had a really rude awakening this morning when I tried to run an empty application from Ubuntu 32, and 64 bit. As in DEPENDENCY HELL!

    You will need to have some really good packaging knowledge for anyone to be able to run your applications "out-of-the-box"

    Windows 7 development is bug filled with node webkit.

    If you are going for windows 8 only it would be a good product, otherwise you will be better off learning game-maker scripts. (They have a functioning product.)

  • Wow,wow,wow!

    Looks like you know things I don't, could you please detail?

    I'm using the node export right now, testing on PC and Mac.

    Works like a charm.

    The game is ressource heavy, with a lof of shaders and particles, and everything runs VERY fine. The controller works great, too, even if I'm a bit sad about the lack of vibrations.

    So, I'm more than happy with C2 :)

    Should I know other things?

    I've not implemented any sounds. And I don't manage the memory yet.

    Is it related to those topics?

  • Well, no, if it is working out for you then you are an inspiration to us all.

    Default Ubuntu failed for me.. 32 and 64 bit..

    Thank you for verification that maybe my apps will run on mac.

    Thank you :)

  • jojoe - citation needed! We have not seen any of the problems you describe. Please refer to specific issues and let us know about them so we can fix them, rather than just scaring prospective customers. We have a Ubuntu machine in our office which we tested the Linux export on and it worked fine, BTW.

  • Ashley,

    I am not the one who needs to verify my claims.

    If you got it working please prove it.

    As the /b/tards say.. "Video or it did not happen"

    I can not do it in a VM or dual booting from generic Ubuntu 13.04 32, and 64 bit.

    Please prove your claims to diffuse any further talk about this.

    It should not be the software consumers responsibility to test advertising claims.

  • Sure it's not a problem with your Ubuntu installation/hardware setup? I've never known Scirra to fling falsehoods around to make a quick buck before :P

    As for Node-Webkit deployment in Win, Windows 7 and XP have always run em problem-free here.

  • I'm a bit sad this to see this topic evolving in a conflict about the linux exporter. Maybe it could be great to create a specific one about it, so everyone can post his configuration and tests ? :)

    (I would follow it closely)

    Linux or not, I'm now a big C2 fan, will not come back to GMS, and wish everyone to make great games with it. Ashley you can lock this topic if you want to, no problem.

  • jojoe

    Hey man, I can't give screenshot evidence RIGHT now but I have tested 2 things in (iirc) "Ubuntu 12.04 LTS" 64-bit in the past, they worked perfectly although the game performance would lag when fullscreen (But I believe I had something wrong with my drivers). This was a few months back. I'll go check it out in a moment with an export of a project using the current version of Construct 2, and I'll post results. (I'm not a massive linux user, I have it dual-booted with Windows 7, which I use primarily, so gotta rebootz.)

    EDIT: Goddamn I don't get Ubuntu. Took me a while to get it working but only because I had exported it into my external harddrive rather than the same harddrive that Ubuntu is installed in. SO I moved the files onto main harddrive and Linux64 ran perfectly, actually maintained 60fps more than when I ran the NodeWebkit export on windows! However, maximizing the game makes it lag like I mentioned before this edit.

    So I hit Printscreen, it lets me pick where to save the screenshot. I pick my external harddrive, it gets angry and says I cannot, so I place it in a new folder in my main harddrive, and I take a few more screenshots.

    I just rebooted back into windows and then I realise all but 1 screenshots are missing, and the one screenshot is broken. <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    So, since I didn't want to have done that for no reason, here's a screenshot of the broken screenshot. <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    [Removed, pointeless lol]

    tl;dr, Construct 2 [R147]'s Node-Webkit export works perfect in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit, aside from lag for me in fullscreen. 32-bit doesn't seem to run at all (But that's safely assumed that it's because the install of Ubuntu is 64-bit)

  • Ashley Jase00

    Just exported Space Blaster and tested with Ubuntu 13.04. Confirmed not working.

    Ubuntu 13.04 and above is going to be troublesome due to removal of libudev.so

    Here is some hack or solution for now ?


    Maybe Ashley can automate this process for us in next build ?

    BTW Ubuntu 13.10 just out. Going to download and test later on.

  • Ashley

    Any info on this issue ? Is it possible to be fixed in next build ?

  • It looks like the fix needs to be added to the package or installer. So it might be something that you need to do, not expect C2 to do for you.

    I guess at some point node-webkit will fix the issue by building it on the latest version of linux, but then it won't work on older versions.

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