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  • thanks for the help guys.

    I have really only been heavily using construct for a couple days (though I've been on the forum longer and purchased it and fiddled with it longer ago).

    sorry for the somewhat rude comment, I just don't like hearing "read the manual" and "use the search feature" over and over when I have already done so.

    for the record, using the search feature has given me 50+ pages of unrelated results. even when doing "search for all terms or exact query" (there doesn't seem to actually be an option for exact phrase that works).

  • I know how it can be with searching. You just have to use better search words (try to think of similar words with same meaning).. Search within search in forum is good!

    And if you fails with search, you can post at the help forum... I have gotten so many awesome people helping me with things. If you start the post with being humble (not pretending to know everything) and courteous it helps much. It is worth to add some social grease. If you pretend to know it all then people are annoyed, you know? Just suggestions.

    Yes I do have many thins I would like to improve or add on Construct2, both inside the coding features and the editor itself. Many many things. (latest better control of the events as now I have passed 200 lines on one page.. print out, adding different colors, comment within actions, save snippets etc...) But Ashley is one person dong this work and he have chosen to do so, but then consider this: he's doing updates so frequent.. It is fun to have a software where the creators are reading the forum and not being like "on other planet" as is the case with many software.

    So again, if you fail to do something or can't find info on something it is not best idea to do post in harsh way, you know, you have to examine first, then ask questions at help forum, and then if you come to conclusion it is not possible, then you might add request, or maybe request for plugin.

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  • I think that the search feature was functioning better before the forum was updated. It felt like it had a logic in a way that tried to give results that have the same or similar meaning with the words that where given as search terms. It even suggested words if they where misspelled. Now it feels like it just throws every topic, post and reply that matches with the search terms, even if the words are being used in a different context with in the topic, giving over-saturating results.

    I don't mean to nag though, I am very happy that the logout issue has being fixed, in the past few days I was never forced to to login again.

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