[Suggestion] Tiles as objects on tilemap

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  • You would use like this

    <img src="http://www.photonstorm.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Map-Editing-with-Dame.png" border="0" />

  • Joannesalfa

    Image memes are fun and all, but I don?t think this is the place for them.

    Maybe I didn?t put the question clearly, so let me try to explain:

    As now, a tilemap is an entire object with one possible behavior for each tilemap, so If I wanted to have different behaviors for different tiles, I would need to create multiple spritesheets and assign them the behaviors.

    I?m starting to work on a pretty large project, so it would be benefitial to have each tile in a tilemap to be treated as a separate sprite and the entire tilemap be treated as an 2d array, so I could better control them on runtime.

    For example, I could create separate collision maps for different tiles, change behaviors based on each one and destroy them individually if I so wish.

    I?m asking if there are plans for the future to treat the tilemap this way, akin to other solutions like Unity?s 2d Toolkit or Rotorz.

  • Sheepy - I get what you're saying - though maybe expressions to reference a certain index of tile would be better instead?

    For example, it'd be cool to be able to tell the index of the collided tile, or reference certain tile types through expressions , say if you wanted to have specific tiles spawn another object in events. :)

    If you had a blank / non colliding tile 0,0 - you could spawn destructible blocks, or angled blocks / sloped walkways.

    Or allow users to edit / draw to the tilemap at runtime - say if you were making a breakout clone.



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  • Sheepy Tiles as objects would kill performance, you should compare bewteen tilemaps and sprites in mobile devices. Pieces of sprite with power of two size would act sprites.

    I've used 2Dtoolkit for Unity3D, it can automatize an image to tiles using some options such as dice or slices. It would be great for performance.

    However, Ashley will make a blog about tilemaps.

  • Got it, thanks for explaining and Joannesalfa! ;]

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