[Suggestion] Support for lossless (PCM) audio

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  • Just a suggestion,

    but could you guys make encoding optional for the next release? Certain devices do, unfortunately, not support AAC or OGG, while most of them support WAV.

  • Do you mean encode them with FLAC? maybe you should try Audacity and import to C2

  • I'm talking about plain .WAV, actually.

    WebOS, for example, supports neither AAC nor OGG.

  • WAV is typically unsuitable for audio since it makes the filesize ridiculously huge. You could easily have a 5mb game with 100mb of audio if you used WAV, versus a 5mb game with 10mb of audio.

    The better solution is for WebOS to add support for OGG, which is a free, high-quality and open-source audio format.

  • How about support for MIDI? ;P Don?t laugh, I?m serious!

  • Ashley

    I realize that.

    Thing is: WebOS 1.x and 2.x are no longer supported. WebOS 3.x and Open WebOS do support AAC but they aren't suitable for mobile phones.


    Since MIDI isn't really an audio format but rather a protocol, it wouldn't be suitable for mobile devices.

    Depending on the applied standard and the modules/samples accessible by the device, audio would extremely differ from one another on different OS'. CPU overhead would be another thing.

    Other than that, it would be a fine experiment (the dynamic nature of MIDI sure is great).

  • This made me think. Would support for xm or mod files be possible in C2?

    We had it in CC.

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  • Wouldn't it be more wise to first work on things that are already implemented by the W3C?

    While there are already third party plugins/players for MOD/XM out there, I can't find any mention of it within the official HTML5 specs.

    EDIT: Just ran into some unknown behaviour.

    When I re-imported a .WAV file to a project that still had previous conversions (albeit only .M4A, not OGG), it would not only rename the files from Dark Forest.(fileformat) to dark forest2.(fileformat) but also list dark forest2.wav under audio.

    Now naturally, the .wav is neither exported nor is it called from within .js. Still an interesting phenomenon. Has this always been that way? I assume this is in order to compare the original .wav with the conversions?

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