Suggestion: Show related events when deleteing

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  • Hi Ashely,

    I have a suggestion:

    At the moment, when deleting sprite, behavior or variable, C2 will warn about "all related behavior and events will be removed". But it doesn't show message about which events will be removed. I think it will be very handy if the message shows the details, since its pretty hard for user to remember which events will be related after diving into the project too much.

  • I support that

  • How could this information be presented in a useful way? If you just show a list of line numbers or something, I don't see how it would be much use. However perhaps a 'find references' type feature would be useful (and for other purposes, not just this)

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  • Thanks Ashley.

    Not just line number, but also the actual event?

    The information will remind designer where the object or behavior has been used so he don't lost some important work by accident.

    But you are right it's better if this come with a Find or Goto button:)

  • I would like it if it would show the message only if there's something that's going to be deleted, and perhaps mention how many things would be deleted, like "This is used 2 times in the project's event sheets. Are you sure you want to delete?" Even just a number of times it's used would be enough in my opinion.

    That way if no message comes up, the user knows nothing is lost. I would really like this, as I always feel nervous deleting stuff when that message comes up.

  • I support this, whether it's finding references or something else!

    On a related note, it would be handy to have a display of the number of lines/actions in addition to the number of events, so you may eventually check if the number stays unchanged after you delete something

  • I like this as well. I sometimes have object in my event sheet that no longer do anything, but I'm afraid to delete them because it might break something.

    A general search would be helpful, and when an object is deleted, if that search was done within the confirmation message, it would work well (like what Ashley has suggested)

    "This object is is used:

    Event Sheet XYZ, Row 103

    Event Sheet XYZ, Row 104

    Event Sheet XYZ, Row 298

    Event Sheet ABC, Row 10

    Are you sure you want to delete?"

  • What if it's used in hundreds of places though? It would go way off the screen.

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