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  • +1 on having all functions on the UI

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  • Actually there is a hotkey editor but when you look at the run button, (only 1 option) it says there is no hotkey.

    (customize quick access toolbar/more commands/keyboard shortcuts: Customize)

    Ashley I know it seems frivolous, but think of reviewers just glancing at your editor, don't you want them to see those amazing options? Right now your preview options are weak, unless you know they are secret.

    I was going to suggest run layout, run preview, a checkbox to select run continuous, and a hint of running on LAN, but then I noticed this thread.

    There is no mention of hotkeys in the program. I had forgotten about the run continuously, (hold shift while clicking run-- Anyone having trouble getting this to work?)


    And for those suggesting two buttons, there are 6 types of preview to run

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