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  • I'm cleaning up my IGF version of Loot Pursuit, and I toggled off all the shortcuts to get through the game quicker, but there were some bugs left in. Each time I want to edit it and make a new build I have to toggle those events on then remember to toggle them off again, and there are a bunch of them, and sometimes I forget all of the ones that are in there.

    As such, it would be really handy if there was an "is previewing" condition, so any events with the condition would only run if previewing, and not when exporting.

  • You could always do the C++-esque route. Make a global variable, 'Debug', and for every concerned event just put in a condition that says 'If Debug = 1'. Then just change the value of debug to 0 or 1 depending on whether you're testing it or exporting it.

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  • Argh, duh. That is a good simple solution. I would still prefer not to have to toggle it each time though, as I keep forgetting.

    I don't know if a condition is really warranted for my forgetfulness, but it seems nice to have one less thing to have to remember each time I export.

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