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  • Hi, Ashley

    I am thinking about modular. For example, user might have an IAP system in capx file, include objects, and events. And want to reuse it in other projects. User could copy/insert objects first, and keep the name the same as source capx, then copy the events from source capx.

    How about a "import capx" function? User could import all things from source capx to destination capx, include objects, events, layouts, etc. So that user could import modules from many capx files, to reuse them.

    The template is good idea but not enough, user still need to copy/insert manually if they want to import something from more then one source.

  • I think we just need to properly support copying and pasting entire layouts between projects

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  • Yes, please! That would be awesome and very useful.

    Will this happen eventually?

  • Sounds like a great idea!!!

  • Ashley

    The problem is , some objects are not at layout, like array, dictionary. But they might be used in event sheet.

    The concept of importing capx is using a capx file as "a module".

  • +1 - will save so much time...

  • While copy/pasting an entire layout between projects would be cool to do for quick transfers, as rex said we'd might want to include the arrays and other non-layout objects. Some sort of import module method would probably be the best method.

  • dont forget copying families and object vars, its a vital point of the copying process, actually it would make more sense to copy eventsheet or part of evensheets because if has reference to everything that is used or what is needed to run these events, so these should al be included.


    I develop in C2 with a team of four, and this would be really useful. Please add team support!

  • +1

    This would be very helpful.

  • Better yet. Just let us "INCLUDE CAPX" and get access to all the resources through a modular system.

    Functions are accessible, items can be drag and dropped from CAPX modular box; instead of polluting the current project tree

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