What are most sucessful games made with construct

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  • > Wow, that is awesome, so cool, how did he ended up knowing about your game and playing ??? Amazing !


    I did not make "There is no game". It was made by KaMiZoTo. My game is the one in my signature.

    I don't know how people found "There is no game" but I think it was made for a game jam. It has millions of downloads on mobile so I it might actually be the most financially successful C2 game.

    Thanks, my bad !

  • Word Search DLP and Sudoku Nano if I am not wrong I am the only person here to make a Sudoku game with Construct 2

  • > the Mnk there have certainly been major problems with NWJS and C2 for us, which is why we switched to Unity for our next game.


    > Almost every negative review and negative Let's Play on YouTube had bugs in the collisions due to HTML5 not running well on their machine (which were often good enough to run modern 3D games just fine).


    That is very unpleasant, is what I hope does not happen to me.

    The problem is HTML5, so I think you can not solve this problem? What does Ashley say about this?

    I have too much work done to port Unity, although also soon I will have to use unity due to my dissatisfaction with C3.

    I know this is old, just want to add my two cents.

    I have supported a few C2 developers already on Steam including, Jay Jay's insanity's Blade, Next Penelope, Airscape, 8bitboy and 2 or 3 others and I can say that all the games run well on my system with no issues. (But with that said it is a beefy machine) Also hopefully things have improved with Node web kit as several versions has been released since the debut of Insanity's blade. I'm with Jay Jay on Unity. I'm learning that now with Playmaker, but its difficult. Or maybe its not that difficult and I'm just stupid. HA HA. Game development is an emotional roller coaster ride. Its hard but worth it.

    I'm about 5 month away from releasing my 1st C2 game on Steam. Curious to see how it all turns out.

    It would be nice to hear from other devs who have already released a game on Steam and how their experience was with node web kit and their c2 game.

  • Completed a simple but fun game, hope you guys like it.


    play and give reviews!

  • Friends, construct 2-3 is a powerful tool, you just do not know how to use.

    With this engine you can create fit games, trust me!

    Approach the case very carefully!

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  • Friends, construct 2-3 is a powerful tool, you just do not know how to use.

    With this engine you can create fit games, trust me!

    Approach the case very carefully!

    Ah there's the "You just don't use it right"

    Sure, that would be a valid argument, except I've moved onto C# and Unity and have made a better performing game and deployed to consoles than our C2 1-chapter prototype?

    Chowdren is the first real option I've seen for actual native-quality performance from Construct 2+ and it makes me very happy, because that's all I ever wanted for the engine with an already-amazing editor.

    Also, you point at a statistics graph for an undisclosed app? If it's free to play mobile then I already am excluded simply because my games are commercial and desktop.

    Of course not everyone needs the performance I demand, 2D platformers are some of the most demanding forms of 2D games, especially as more and more enemies need platform movements.

    If you're not making something as intensive on the CPU, then you'll have a great time with C2/C3 and I never denied that (other than the lack of console options until Chowdren came around).

    Stop blaming developers, the marketing around this tool is very seductive and attracts 2D developers who have been burned repeatedly by the HTML5 dream it projects (big Construct game developers, even those from the Scirra showcases, have had to admit they ended up paying for ports in other engines).

    There's still successful games made and that will be made in HTML5 ahead, but to say "every 2D game" will be best made in this tool was simply incorrect until native export became an option to harness more of the CPU side (JavaScript is horribly inefficient, and garbage collection is even worse despite Scirra's stellar job at combating it).

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