Steam Version Vs Stand Alone?

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  • Hey all,

    Going to buy a personal edition of Construct 2

    Its cheaper for me to get it on steam, but I am just curious to if its updated as fast as the stand alone copy?


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  • Stand alone is better for workflow, steam sucks because it's annoying to open .capx are required to login steam.

    I personally download updates because Scirra has good e-mail system to send every users to let know when new version is out.

  • Hmmm yeah, even though theres a $12 difference between the steam and stand alone, i just remembered i cant log onto steam at work due to ports being blocked and the wifi being as stable as a wet donut.

    Stand alone it is!

  • Stand Alone - I actually went and brought another license (different account on forums that's why no badge) so that I can use standalone. I had endless issues with steam version (nothing to do with construct2 but rather steams authentication system that caused periodic crashes amoungst a whole list of issues.

    I still use my steam version to open example capx as steam version has all 3rd party plugins and that license is tied to this forum account. I will note it has improved since back then. But seriously, I would go standalone without a doubt, especially if the price difference is only $12.

  • Steam is just for games...I ditched Gamemaker as I have it on steam...and moved to construct as stand alone

  • Yep, just bought the stand alone copy, woo!

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