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  • shinkan

    That depends entirely on texture size you have for each frame.

    Each frame on spritesheet have 1px border around to prevent pixel bleeding.

    Each frame of animation also should have 1px empty border around for antialiasing.

    So when you have 5 frames animation and each frame is 64x64 then after exporting you will get a 256x256 file with a lot of empty space.

    But if you make frames 62x62 then after export you will get 2 files: one 128x128 with 4 frames and one 62x62 with 5th frame.

    And if you want your sprite to have nice and smooth edges, you need to add 1px empty border around your sprite. Which will make your actual texture 60x60 (while frame is 62x62)

    If you learn how to use it properly then C2 actually is quite good with making the sprite sheets out of the textures on export. Just need to remember about some things while making your textures.

    Like this green things on your first image. If they were 254x126 and be only 10 of them then you could fit 8 frames on one 512x512 and remaining 2 frames on 256x256 - no space wasted.

    That's how C2 works. And all you can do is to accept it



  • shinkan accepting is not my strong suit, i rather bit*h about it (once in a while)

    its not like i expected it to change

  • I'm quite alright with that

    This rather will never change in C2... But I must say I like this kind of system, working per frame not per sheet. It makes placing image points really quick. You can make all your frames at certain size, import them, put your image point when you want and "apply to whole animation" and crop your frames.

    It's not that easy when you importing entire sprite sheet and have to manually "cut out" every part of the texture to be used as a frame.

    But with custom sprite sheets you can pack more images on one texture...

    Both methods have their pros and cons...

    That's the part i hate the most in UE4. You can press a button and all images will be automatically cut out... but then they all will have different sizes and placing image points on them after that is incredibly painful... Almost as using Image editor in C2 to copy/paste animations and animation frames xD

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  • well i think i have seen a system that automaticaly remembers and offset your image point placement, even when using the full spritesheetsytem, was it in unity or texturepacker i dont know, but i think there are systems in place for that,

    do you work alot with ue4, i've been looking in it, checking out there scripting methods

  • Not a lot. Only occasionally when "job" require something more than C2 can handle.

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