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  • Hi, Ashley. Some suggestions for the sprite editor in case you haven't them in the list already:

    1. Pencil: Add a pointer instead of mouse pointer only to mark where pixel will be:

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2472278/pencilpointer.PNG" border="0" />

    Either the left or right one.

    2. Brush: I noticed that depending on the hardness the brush can be more round or entirelly square. Maybe add two shortcuts to go directly to a circle brush and a square brush ?

    3. Maybe add snap to grid if one wants to draw in a size bigger than 1x1 This should be easy to add and really helpful

    4. Now that we can draw sprites directly an animation preview ? Really helpful too.

    5. Palette support. This can stay on end of list.

    Most of them are just usability improvements really nothing complex. Just the #4 and #5 could take more work. Really for pixel work the editor is practically perfect. Of course you're really busy but when you tackle the editor again consider them :D Thanks!

  • 4. Animation preview is already in when you right-click the animation's name.

    It's been in for at least 6 months now.

  • Ops. Yeah forgot that. But a right click -> show on separate window is not very good UX wise. Better option if i may suggest would be to embed it in the window and add play pause go last go next buttons.

  • Maybe it's the force of the habit, but animation preview being tied to the animation dialog makes sense to me, the image editor being rather dedicated to the frame editing.

    Perhaps two buttons might be an easy addition that Ash wouldn't mind anyway.

    On a personal level I don't know if that would change my workflow with animations much.

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  • I agree it's a bit tedious having to right-click to preview animations. It does make sense having it in the animation window though, so how about at least the hotkey (P) could be pressed without having to right-click first? That would be enough for me.

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