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  • Hi,

    I use SVN with Tortoise in my daytime job, so decided to use it for gamedev too. Researched 15+ SVN hostings and finally I'm really happy with This have a free plan with 1GB of storage, unlimited users, unlimited projects. The 1GB is not so big, but perfect for several pojects, especially if you see that the new/old versions of your files counts as 1 file with 1*size.

    How to register: and look for Simple Free Starter Offers / Subversion Hosting. You can enable 30day trial of the full package...

    Note that if You use the 30 days trial, you will need to login and change your plan to free after 30days (till than you can get some connection error on Commit/Update).

    I have about 100K speed on upload/download from Hungary (Central/East EU), what is fair for a free service. In normal modifications (event sheets + several images) I never wait more than 10sec for an udpate/commit.

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  • is free for teams of 5 or less...

    You can mark your repositories as private and you can have a wiki and issue tracking for each repository.

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