[SOLVED!] iframes and iOS devices?!!

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  • html, body {

         background: transparent !important;

         color: transparent !important;

         background-color: transparent !important;

         position: absolute;

         top: 0;

         left: 0;

         right: 0;

         -webkit-backface-visibility: visible;


    Hi Jeanssen,

    Thanks for your post! I registered here for that.

    I do not quite understand the concept of the css importer plugIn, yet I tried to paste your suggested css in one of my iFrames but sadly it didn't change anything for me. Touch events in iframe while in homescreen mode (otherwise they DO work) are still not working for me. Where do I have to implement the css, what did I wrong? If your offered solution would work you will be my personal hero for this is such a silly bug (and as it seems constantly ignored by Apple for once and ever ??) Thank you so much.


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