Solid Behaviour only for Players?

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  • I know this has been a few years since, but for people who are still trying to do this and are using the WSAD controls and mouse, follow these steps:

    1. Add the Solid Behavior to the thing you're trying to stop stuff with (Your border)

    2. Add the 8Direction Behavior to your player (I know, I know just wait)

    3. Go to your player and in your behavior section (under properties) go to 8Direction and put 0's for Max Speed, Deceleration, and Acceleration

    Hope This Works!

  • use custom movement. works best for me. also there is push out from solid (nearest) which moves your thing away when it hits solid.

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  • To move a character at a custom angle with the 8-direction behavior you need to set the X,Y vectors.

    Set the angle and speed you want to variables then do this:

    set 8direction X vector to: mySpeed * cos(moveAngle)

    set 8direction Y vector to: mySpeed * sin(moveAngle)

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