Small updates to prices of licenses coming next week

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  • I just bought 1 month back, man so close! though i was planning to buy on november!

  • > Maybe an idea for a payment plan? Seems like a lot of people wanna buy the software but can't afford the full amount at once. But if they get the possibility to spread the payments out like say over 4 months or so? Just a little balloon to think about


    Interesting idea, it is possible but we're just not sure what the demand for something like that would be like as it would take a while to program in to offer as an option.

    Or maybe something completely original that no one has ever tried yet as far as I know... first, though, I have to say I really dislike game engines based upon subscription models over a one time payment fee: to me a game engine is a product I want to own, not a service to use when needed, so I'm really happy Scirra is maintaining the current structure for both its Personal and Business licenses.

    Said this, Scirra could actually try also a variation of the subscription model: a sort of hybrid approach for those who can't afford to pay $129 all at once. For example, license the personal edition for $12/month and then, if the subscription is confirmed for 12 months in a row (which means the user actually paid more than $129 overall already), the subscription license gets automatically converted into a permanent one with nothing more to pay ever again.

    Maybe this approach could be an interesting alternative?

  • roberto : I think peterbot1970 was referring to a "spread the payment over time, but the same amount at the end", which is similar to what you are suggesting to an extend.

    Which is something I agree for, since Nobody can make money using Free C2, it could be an interresting thing, since even more people could afford to make money while paying less at one time (it is harder to have something like 100€ to keep to pay the program, while beginning to pay for it, and using it is much more affordable I think, since the same price is at the end, just more convienient, just my opinion)

  • Sweet I remembered i bought mine for like 100 bux still worth it... even at 130 bux still worth it...

  • Compared to the alternatives I think it is a great buy ! Much better than any subscription package .

  • Compared with the competitions, C2 is still at a steal!

  • New prices are now in effect

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  • Bought it before the rise, but even with the new price it's still a great deal, considering the whole package

  • i think that the upper prices will encourage peopls to leave the product.

  • New prices are now in effect

    Hi Tom,

    I send a message to your support email but haven't got any reply yet. Plan of buying the license, I would like to know if is it possible to send payment thru Western Union?

  • i think that the upper prices will encourage peopls to leave the product.

    But the prices haven't gone up (well +€0.99), it's just a currency conversion correction. You're complaining about something which isn't true.

  • Laro sorry we've been away for a few days, am going through all the email now

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