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  • Hey guys,

    I'm presently torn apart between two ways of working on my project. I started doing tilesets, but I was wondering if its possible to use bigger images or pieces to build up a level.

    Working at 32x32 which is scaled X2 later in run time breaks a bit the graphical style I would like to pursue so I was wondering if it will have an impact if I use pieces of let's say 128x128 as well. Is it possible to use blocks to build up levels?

    Sorry if this question was asked previously.

    if you have any ideas, or methods please don't hesitate to send them my way.


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  • Tilemap with 128x128 tiles?

    There's no real issue, unless the texture itself is unusually large.

    Other than that there might be problems if you expect to place 32x32 tiles in the middle of the larger ones.

    Pretty sure all tiles have to start at the top corner, whereas regular sprites can have hotspots anywhere.

  • is not necessarily all of them, but some would be blocks. You are right about the hot spots, would be troublesome. I'm trying to find the best approach to create environments that dont feel too repetitive.

  • Best bet is a combination of tilemaps, sprites, and tiled backgrounds.

    Don't forget you can have multiple tilemaps, multiple instances of tilemaps, but the instances all share the same texture, just like sprites.

  • thanks!

  • You can have 128 x 128 Tiles in a tilemap with 32x32 size tiles you just select 4 x 4 of the tiles in the editor and it treats like a single tile when you are drawing. You can have any size tiles as long as the sides are multiple of tilemap base tile size.

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