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  • Hi guys, just wanted to make a couple of small requests concerning C2.

    OK, first up, in the event sheet we have a nice window which provides us with easy access to the elements in our projects that we have created and this is a really useful feature but it seems that some items, such as currently created layers and also the animations that have been created for our objects, are not listed. Will this be addressed in the future or is there a reason that some things are not listed here? It would be very handy especially when you have large amounts of these items.

    Secondly, sometimes when using the auto complete feature, when typing into the event editor, the case of the words is not correct. For example, if I type Enemy. it brings up my list of options and I choose Enemy.X but when entered it reads in lower case, enemy.x, yet another time it enters correctly with Enemy.X I cannot seem to get this to happen on a regular basis so I am not sure what is happening? Have others had this? Sadly, I cannot reproduce this so I have not posted to the bugs forum for that reason.

    Also, in the event editor if you zoom all the way out so that the text is really tiny and then you try to add a new condition when you get to type your values etc... in they are also really tiny.

    Oh and lastly, when using the brush tool in the image editor you can see a preview of what you are about to paint under your cursor but the other tools do not have this, like the pencil tool which just shows the cursor. Could this be added to make things a bit more intuitive as it feels a little awkward to use.

    Thank you for your time.

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