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  • I'm a beginner, so maybe this is a simple thing that I missed...

    I am working on a game and when I left it running for a few minutes, I came back and it was running super slow.

    I do have it spawning a new sprite every few seconds but I noticed when looking at the inspect element section in Chrome that under "network" it has a while bunch of requests every second or so to _reloadpoll_ from the "initiator" jquery (maybe that's normal, I'm not sure, but doesn't seem like it)

    The timeline gets longer and longer until the requests are 4-5 mins long. Eventually they just change to "canceled" but the requests keep going.

    Does anyone have any idea what this is?

    And could it be related to spawning new sprites (if so, how could I put a limit to the number of spawns?)

    Thanks in advance, love the software and the community!

  • If you could post your capx it would be easier to tell you what may go wrong. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Its really never a good idea to have sprites spawning without something in place to either destroy them, or choke the total count.

    So, yeah the thing your looking for as far as that goes is .count, sprite.count, etc.

    As in system compare sprite.count is less than n amount, do stuff.

  • The requests to _reloadpoll_ are just a simple quick yes/no check. It enables the same browser window to be re-used if you hit Preview with the game already running from an old preview.

    If you keep spawning sprites and don't destroy any, your game will obviously slow down due to the increasing CPU work (and x100 if they use Physics). I suppose it's more likely that than the reloadpoll that is slowing down your game.

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  • Hello there!

    And where is this option in file menu?

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