Single big sized "Text Object" vs many small ones

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  • Hello all! I have a quick one this time..

    I always add a text object as a debug panel to show FPS, number of objects, index number, etc. somewhere in my layout.

    I tried using one single text object with many concatenated "&" and "newlines" to show all the info in this single text object witch, of course, becomes pretty big.

    It also start to be a pain in the butt editing this big text object.

    In other project i used many text objects each for every data i need. Then i put them one below the other. But this feels like a waste of resources. While the big single text object also feels like a rendering bottleneck.

    Wich approach is better in terms of performance? As a reference i need more than 12 variables showing in this "debug panel". Some updates at every tick but are the less.

    For now i stick with the big single text object. But this doubt buggers me from day one (let me exaggerate...)

    Thanks in advance for any clarification about this.

    John aka Hillstrom

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  • One thing I did in the past was log style, New data was just added to the end of a variable with Newlines, and it's length was cut to the last 500-1000 characters. Then set the text of the text object to that variable.

    Or, you can Log to the browser's error console. See the tutorial here:


    oops, that tutorial didn't mention the "Browser" "Log" action:

    From the manual "Browser actions" (link)

    Start group

    End group

    Start or end a group in the browser error console. Groups appear indented, and the browser may give the option to expand/collapse the group easily. Groups can optionally be named. To create a group, use Start group, then a series of Log actions, then the End group action.


    Log a message, warning or error to the browser error console. This can be useful for debugging, testing and diagnostics.

  • Lots of small text objects are more efficient than one large text object in the WebGL renderer. In WebGL mode whenever a text object changes it has to update a texture the size of the text object. If you have lots of small text objects, the ones which don't change won't need to update their textures, only the changing ones.

  • Also you could make pages or make system whit events that to only show what you need.

  • oh oh oh... That's what i liked to hear :D

    I was almost sure that a text object whould be treated in similar ways like a normal sprite. Good to know that the "more easy way" for me is also the right way.

    Thanks to clarify this! Time to go back to the board :D

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