Sine behavior stops in middle of game

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  • I have a sine behavior on a sprite that goes from left of screen to the right at certain times. Once the game hits a score of 5 for example the sprite uses this behavior and starts going. I also have other sprites which score upon hitting another sprite on bottom of screen. When it hits the bottom sprites a particle behavior goes off and adds 1 to score.

    The problem is when the score hits 5 the sine behavior sprite starts as it should, but when I bring the next scoring sprites down and make a collision the sine sprite literally stop and just go back up and down. As if the sine behavior is working, but won't continue off the screen as it should.

    I'm new to this so bare with me, I'll add a capx. file if I understand how to. I don't know if it is a bug or what.

    Basically the last 6 events is where the egg sprites hit the frying pans. After the 5th score and attemping the 6th score is when the sine behavior sprite will stop midway in the game.

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  • Well I didn't get it fixed per se. I did just add in "Wait X Seconds" instead of using a variable. It got the job done.

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