Scrollx/y vs. Scrolling Objects

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  • I noticed both work very well (no noticeable difference).

    What do you guys think? Use scrollx/y to scroll the view vs. scrolling all objects? One more efficient than the other?

    I noticed in the provided templates at least scrolling objects, not the view, seems the preferred method.

  • It mostly depends on your project.

    For some, you'll prefer to have more control making your own scrolling system using scrollX/scrollY, for other, the ScrollTo behavior will be more than enough.

    No specific "best practice" here IMO.

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  • Yup, I'm actually amazed how well everything is working now.

    I gotta say: Construct 2 is amazing software.

    I have the first piece of the game ready, exactly the way I wanted and it's working beautifully.

    All it needed was a few tweaks.

    I was quite upset initially that I did not get more coding help, but it turns out that was a blessing in disguise because in struggling and testing I figured a lot of things out.


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