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  • I got this Idea from the Zbrush GUV feature that automatically unwraps 3d models for you so you can map textures for them.

    GUV picture

    Great for new users who do not want to learn UV mapping... Bad for any human who wants to try editing the texture later, because, it is only machine readable.

    Well, I was thinking that people who want to just ripp off a tile set, would be discouraged if the tile set was scrambled. maybe a plugin can make the sprite into a matrix, and upon export matrix gets sequence scrambled, and a key to re-construct the matrix is saved.

    After the game loads, have the game engine or plugin re-construct the matrix into the sprite bitmap.

    I am sure, the day after release, some kid will just make some ripping utility to prove their script kiddy might.

    But for the casual, slacker, game developer, who wants to rip off someone tileset, they will probably just look in their web browser cache for the tileset.

    After seeing just a huge gob of pixel-ized noise, they will probably just give up.

    I thought I would mention it here rather than the plugin section, because it might be a feature that brings in sales.

    Anyone who has had their art ripped off, or defaced would flock to this feature I would think.

    Sorry for the long post. :)

  • Hey that's an interesting idea

    I wonder if that's possible or if that would add extra load to the engine

    Also you could have less sheets, filled with a lot more images and no blank spaces ;)

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  • lemo, yeah GUV and AUV tiles rock in the 3D world.

    Maybe the engine can re-assemble the sprite sheets, then do some sort of soft reset so the re assembled sprite sheets are still in ram when it runs the game layout.

    Then the engine could act as normal, with no new load on it. It assembles everything before it actually runs the sheets, so there is no real-time calculations.

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