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  • Actually, if you could make a game to deploy to the mac app store that would be stellar. But having the editor on a mac would be good for business. The reason is that mac users tend to pay more money for things.

  • Using kickstarter to fund development of the Awesomium exporter, essentially money to hire someone to work on that specifically, would probably be a better idea than to do a kickstarter for C2 itself. Divide the workload so to speak.

    I see some caveats.

    Is Awesomium ready for it? I mean, we tried the test Ashley put up, but that is one test. I know next to nothing about how Awesomium works but I gather it'd take some work to get it to work properly, consistently. Not to mention work with third party plugins. Which leads me to the next caveat.

    The person that would be hired to do that. It'd have to be someone Ashley and Tom can work with, that's a given. And someone who's good enough to do it. Could a kickstarter raise enough money to hire such a person. My gut tells me probably not. It's a different thing for someone to have funds for oneself, and a completely different thing to actually hire someone. Paying salary is WAY more expensive than living on your own funds (going by swedish standards anyways...) And that's even if Ashley and Tom are ok with bringing someone in at all, I'm only speculating here.

    I'd be onboard with a kickstarter to fund stuff like Awesomium exporter(s?). Not sure if it's feasible though.

  • Kickstarter is only open to US residents. I don't believe ol' British Scirra will be able to claim funds from a Kickstarter project. Try Indiegogo if you really want to.

  • Kickstarter is only open to US residents. I don't believe ol' British Scirra will be able to claim funds from a Kickstarter project. Try Indiegogo if you really want to.

    Sorry but kickstarter is a worldwide website, developers can run projects from anywhere in the world. It is natural that the majority come from america but there are many funding projects on their from the uk, china and europe among others.

    The recent FTLGame success shows that not only are non US projects possible but they can be successful.

    That being said though I wouldnt be offended by scirra asking for donations for the project but i do agree that in this stage of development it wouldnt make sense. Most kickstarter projects are for items that are not released yet or are not in a released state.

    My personal recommendation would be to change your pricing policy of the business license from $365 for the programme to $365 per game that exxceeds the revenue level. And then add a 4th license level for corporate or something which would cost thousands perhaps but would cover every game a studio might make in the future.

    This way every time a developer makes a game that exceeds the $5,000 in profit scirra would get another business license purchased. And bigger companies that use scirra would be paying the larger cost of the corporate license to license any game they make etc.

    My 2 cents: it also is inline with similar programs which have a lot less features, a lot less support and are nowhere near as user friendly.

  • AJTilley: even if you can manage your Kickstarter campaign from anywhere around the world, you need to have a US citizen, with a US bank account registered (contract with Amazon, among other things, to check there's no fraudulent activity related to the money transfer).

  • Ah yes I am sorry you are right, I had forgotten that part and was focusing entirely on the location management of the project... So indiegogo is probably the way scirra would have to go forward as mentioned by cow_trix...

  • I would shell some dough for Scirra if they were aiming for more exports.

    Having a licensed product doesn't necessarily buy all of the content. Look at other engines. They charge extra for exports (some are outright robbery).

    If there was the chance of making C2 work with EXE natively (no Awesominum), I'd give out some cash, no problem.

    And I'm stingy with my money.

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  • inkBot - getting Awesomium working is probably about a week's work, we don't need to hire anyone to do it. We're just waiting for it to be finished, because the current alpha release the test is based on is missing some critical features like offline support. They're working on it though and once it's done it's really easy to get working, since it's basically the Google Chrome browser in a standalone EXE, so very little will need changing!

    Awesomium can support always-on WebGL as well (no driver blacklist) so the performance will be pretty close to a native runtime. Certainly good enough for most games, anyway. Consider that making a native EXE runtime in a language like C++ could easily be 6 months work for us when we're already super busy, and it will create an ongoing nightmare by forcing all plugin and behavior developers to rewrite their plugins in C++ (which many of them won't, causing a difficult porting problem). All that, just for a little bit of extra performance - and if your game is already running at 60 fps in Awesomium, it's for absolutely no benefit at all! So I think it's totally not worth it, which is why we're going with Awesomium.

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