Scirra false advertising?

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  • As someone who recently started exploring & enjoying Construct 2, I have to say it's misleading.

    If you do your homework before purchasing then the info about the available workflows is readily available (that is, not hidden), and brings a feeling of disappointment, because the home page certainly implies one-click publishing to all those platforms.

    A simple rephrasing like "The HTML5 game creator with easy packaging/publishing for iOS etc" would be closer to reality.

  • 1 click publishing is a day dream!!

    you guys should see the workflow to make a native game on ios and android, the process of setting up a work environment and compiling, sorting out certificates and provisions, etc etc....

  • I found 30minutes into using the FREE version that it would not be possible to directly do Construct->iOS (It does not even interest me, and I still quickly found out).

  • let's be realistic, if C2 also generated an apk and signed ipa with 1 click, on top of all the exports its already supports, then all developers in the world would buy C2 and leave the toolkits they are using now!

    every toolkit has its pros and cons, NO toolkit is perfect. be realistic. if you want to deploy to many platforms you need 2 or 3 toolkits. c2 is definitely 1 of them, at least for my needs.

  • Bottom line: do research on what you are buying, it's plain and simple.

    I'm an early adopter, I supported this great software from the start and also gave it as a gift to someone and would do it all again. I first played around with the demo for a little while, read about it as well and THEN decided to spend money on it. Despite my wish for an .exe exporter back then, it did not take a genius to realize what C2 could do and in the end, the .exe export/wrapper is finally here. If you just jump in and blow money on stuff without first taking the time to research, you are gonna have a baaad time. In my view, it's yer own responsibility and ONLY yers to know what you are buying, don't blame anybody else but yer own lack of diligence, if not, intelligence when buying something. So Scirra did nothing wrong here, you did.

  • There are tools that let you do the so called 1-click creation of your IPA or APK file. So it IS possible. Just not with Construct.

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  • i would really love to know what tools can generate an ipa with 1 click

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