Scale/Resize independent of origin?

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  • Yeps. See. ... .capx?dl=0

    Wow! That's almost perfect when I put it in game, I'm not sure if you have the extensions I'm using but here it is in action: ... .capx?dl=0 , there's two little things I'm noticing: 1) there's a brief animation glitch, can you tell what's causing that using the pin on the crouch animation and 2) I'm trying to offset it for the upside-down gravity switch (go to the right and fall on the button to change gravity) the player animation squash works when I use a conditional operator to subtract the height, but the sprite is offset the wrong side, can you see what I need to adjust? Thanks again so far 99Instances2Go , I didn't think this could be done!

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  • Gosh, so many missing plugins, later when i have more time.

  • Gosh, so many missing plugins, later when i have more time.

    Let me know which ones, I'll spit out a version with them removed ??

  • Wow, somehow I managed to do it by multiplying by -1 (I'm not a math whizz so I'm more impressed by anyone this worked): GravTime > 0 ? (PlayerObject.Height/2)*-1 + (PlayerAnimations.Height/2)*1 : (PlayerObject.Height/2) - (PlayerAnimations.Height/2)

    I used the conditional operator to test if gravity is inverted, and that puts the character the right way around! Now I just need to figure out the slight flinching frame bug when you first press down, it seems to go away after fiddling around with the keys after a moment, but I need to really pinpoint what's causing this, is it a graphical glitch or something funny with the pin?

  • answered your PM

  • answered your PM

    Perfect, thanks for the help!! The bug was related to my bad coding with an animation that was there anyways, I just missed it, and I also managed to do the hat with the imagepoint plugin you showed me, putting the image point in just the right place on every frame, I'm very grateful for your help 99Instances2Go thanks so much!!

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