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  • gamecorptm

    You might want to check the post date a few posts back

  • oh dident checked.... my bad .... i just read ur post i dont really read what other people say

  • When will Construct II bring there amazing software out of the HTML5 box. Will they?Have they plans?

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  • GaddMaster this topic has been beaten to death, and the answer is always "no". If you search through the forums, you'll find numerous posts by Ashley explaining the reasons for this.

    Also, please check the date on topics before posting.

  • Ok Cool Man. Can you jump onto my new post and maybe give me a few bits of your brain please sir

  • Ok Cool Man. Can you jump onto my new post and maybe give me a few bits of your brain please sir

    There's no need to advertise your topic, it just generates more off-topic posts.

  • My game is big. runs just fine when exported with nw.js. But preview mode is running worse and worse, the bigger it gets. including nw.js preview, doesn't work, even though exported version does. For the longest time firefox was the only preview browser that worked out of all the options available. It still works but it's getting worse and worse and crashing more and more. Often it also opens up with no sound, or turns graphics into black blocks. Tried using custom option for seamonkey. It worked, but was just as bad as firefox.

    Is this possibily one of the TC's aforementioned problems with HTML5?

  • That might be the 10,000 handles per process kicking in. It's a windows limitation. If that's the case, the reason you're not getting it on export is because export builds packs graphics into atlas textures etc..

  • I have had so, so many cases of people either not co-operating or nonexistent issues that unless you can provide a .capx with actual performance data/measurements, it's just not useful to anybody.

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