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  • hey guys

    i have alot of questions about rotation and sprite movements

    1-How to make the layer rotate slowly like a sprite move

    2-how can i make a sprite move but slow down its speed gradually ( only with event sheet)

    3-How can i make all objects stop when the sprite is rotating

    Thank you

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  • Quick answers:

    1 - anglelerp

    2 - lerp

    3 - global variable

    Longer answers:

    1 - You would have to set your layer angle using a to be add system expression anglelerp.

    There is a way to do it in 3 events according to Yann, but I don't know it. Maybe some maths savy guy can come by here and enlighten us, I'd like to know that too.

    2 - Lerp is another system expression.

    It actualy already exists in C2 and you can check about it in the manual.

    Pretty much the same logic as above, set the sprite X and Y to lerp(current sprite's position, destination's position, 0.5) (the 0.5 helps to smooth the thing)

    3 - A variable that indicates that you want your object to move or to stop.

    Set it to 0 and be sure to check that it is 0 in the event were you move your sprite.

    When you want the objects to stop, set the variable to 1. When you want to move them again put them to 0.

  • Kyatric


    I mean like move at a speed of 50 and decrease it speed till' it get to speed 1 ( this mean that it reached it destination )

  • The answer is still Lerp (be sure to click it's another topic explaining the usage of Lerp)

  • thank you Kyatric

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