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  • Hello Elliott, Ashley, Tom

    I do not agree with the result of the contest. Do not get wrong, but Kontazt was released after March 31. Kare if you are assessed by the graphics - has no graphics at all. At that point, the game the ISA, which was developed by my friend - I think unfairly unnoticed, and my friend, in turn, no longer wants to develop games because he has put his heart and soul into this game at the moment as the Kontrazt was published after March 31 and won. My game monkey vs crates and if I'm not upset. I would also like to draw your attention to the responses to the ISA. If the results are compromised - good luck in the future gamejam.

    I do not want to offend anyone, but look it up yourself. It is unfair and in relation to these games.

    Games that have not taken place:

    ISA - an excellent lvl design, there is even an atmosphere.

    Tap in Light - addictive arcade game, great atmosphere.

    Liferay - an incredible game, the index for all.

    Spirit Bear - great atmosphere, nice gameplay.

    Febo - the best I've seen.

  • Hi EvilXIII

    The judging was a two man process, both myself, an experienced developer, and Suvi Sharma, a far more experienced businessman.

    Both of us ranked each game, and the final result was drawn by merging the two lists and discussing the merits of our selections, which were drastically different.

    Of all the games you mentioned, ALL of them were included in one of the isolated top 10. ISA was actually ranked 5th on my own list - though was ranked lower on the other, which resulted in it not placing. This is what happens when two people with very different opinions on mobile gaming judge a contest, but we feel a balanced and fair view was given.

    I'm sorry that your friend has decided to quit game development, and I would urge him to reconsider, as ISA was a good game.

    Prizes will be delivered ASAP, we are still waiting for the reply of one finalist.

  • Thanks for the reply. Elliott

    My friend just offended by Kontazt - because he believes that some rules for everyone.

    I also try to change his mind and that he did not take the bad in his head and continued his Gamedev, but is hurt . I do not question your decision - you probably have not easy, but my list of 5 games I consider correct. My friend is not so needed a license as a victory - it was important for him. I think it's important for all (no doubt), but 5 games on my list, I think have not been evaluated by the right. If Panic and did not take place, he would hit ​​the list)

    I should note that I personally as a player in the list of winners like only one game in the same time I like about 8 games, which are not included in the list . I'm not offended by their defeat - it's just experience and I'm glad for participated - thank you for the opportunity)

    sorry for my grammar - english is not my native language

  • Yeah, EvilXIII is right. I understand that there was so many great games in this contest, therefore not all of them can win. And yes, Kontrazt is a good game indeed, but it was released after March 31. Some developers maybe could deliver even better games if they wouldn't stick to the rules. I am afraid, the message was accepted, this is the life.

  • First of all you do not go to game development for the money or for the prizes. If this is your (I mean here "someone") main goal then you will be dissapointed very often. Game dev is a hobby on first place. It's a life style. It's something a real game developer can't live without. This market is extremely hard when it comes to money, contests, etc. and everyone who is stepping into this world is aware of it. So quitting game development just because someone didn't manage to win the contest is silly. Every game develpment veteran tells the same story: Your first 10 - 20 games will suck, but do them anyway. So tell your friend to think from a different perspective - he is one game closer to the one which will be a really good one.

    Another thing is that we - as authors - are the worst possible candidates to say if our game is good or bad, or better/worse than the other guy game. We are not looking at the big picture because we put our heart to the one we created. It's our time, our struggle, our child. So it is good that there are judges to do the dirty job for us. No point to disagree with them as it is their contest.

    It would be really awesome if judges could also say few words about each game. Why one was better or worse. What was good in this game and what was bad in the other. As it is a contest where participants are game developers, the feedback is very welcome. Especially the bad one so the developers could understand/learn on their mistakes.

    Last thing to say is regarding the rules.

    Even though my game somehow managed to get into top 10, I am still somehow disapointed and very surprised that Rikoshe did not respect their own rules. This contest was meant to be for fun. No-one dies when lost, no-one get rich when win. Prizes were not high (comparing to recent AirConsole $1500 for instance) so it was mainly for fun, a nice opportunity for all to take a chance, test the skills and have fun. But when the rules are broken by the organizer and he still says "it's ok" then you somehow lose the trust and all fun around it.

    I did not follow exactly, but if some game was submitted after the deadline but still you found it as a very good game. I would more likely expect to annouce it as a Honorable Mention of the contest, but still outside the contest results. I think authors of such games would both appreciate such a special mention and understand that they were simply late so it is fair to not be considered as a contest submitter because of that.

    I am sure that if everyone would have those 4 days more, they would polish their games a bit more or even make a new ones.

    I personally get that feeling like "ahh... ok... orginizer don't strictly respect their own rules so in the next jam I can bend all the rules a bit - it's gonna be fine. I should have made a bloody game as I wanted, why not? If one rule got broken, then the other should be fine as well.".

    * So congratz to all the winners.

    * Sorry for those who didn't make it and really hoped for. Keep it up guys. Remember this contest was just one of many you will participate in your life.

    * Thanks to Rikoshe for the opportunity. I hope to see more jams comming from your side. Just make things right next time as I believe you've recieved some kind of "yellow card" from the community here now both for huge delay with the results and not respecting your own rules.

  • Some great points , but I'd to address this so it's perfectly clear:

    But when the rules are broken by the organizer and he still says "it's ok" then you somehow lose the trust and all fun around it.

    Late submissions were heavily penalised - in the case of Kontratz it simply scored so highly that it actually managed to take 8th place regardless; without the penalty I believe it would have taken 2nd or even 1st.

    This rubric was emulating those found in both US and UK universities, and one that we felt was the most fair - as the academic process is perfect for subjective work.

    The judging process itself took just over a week in itself. We made sure each game was played through properly, and gave almost all of them 30 minutes each; and there were 80+ games to get through - it was quite a time sink! I can't stress how much this wasn't a flippant decision, a serious amount of time was dedicated to it.

    I can only apologise to the community if they feel we have done wrong by them; we simply wanted people to have fun making games.

    And on a personal note... I'm a consultant, literally the messenger! When I'm not working with companies to make games I'm literally one of you guys, so I understand where you're coming from.

  • Guyz, let's have a little bit of sportmanship here. I also didn't win but I accept the winners selected by Rikoshe. Everyone worked hard on their game, and the measure of their effort is the result of their winning place. If you think you worked hard, imagine how much more the winners worked hard. Besides, Rikoshe did say they evaluated the games very properly. Kontratz already received a penalty and that is enough.

  • Backendfreak have absoloutley right. Do not mąkę games for money first this should be your passion

  • Never seen a contest without a traditional post-announcement brawl!

    The thing about Kontrazt is, that it was not supposed to be penalized at all! Because it was not supposed to be evaluated at all, e.g. read - not make it to the judges' list. Nothing personal, it is just contest rules, you know.

    As to message left by EvilXIII and about ISA by Cepheus I am truly sorry for that your games did not make it to the list. They were a product of good game design and had brilliant mechanics. Contests are based on subjective opinion of judges,meaning here, two people. Their opinion, is the result of the contest, but they do not mean that chosen games are good, while the rest is bad. If you want to see whether your game was really good or want some sort of acknowledgment, head to comment section - you have plenty of proof there.

  • - Thanks - I'll try to talk to him about it.

    , Elliott I taught my friend C2, he became interested in game development only after I showed him my game. He himself has nothing not finish - something big, and this what he wanted. As a developer, he is very shy and I had to inflate his ego as a developer - to encourage development. He took hold of it, not for money, rather like self-expression, but not the money / prizes. He needed a victory was to get confidence. I understand it to some degree, when I needed help - people told me "die indie", "your game crap", etc. and I almost lost the confidence to do it.

    Now, I already do not care what people say - I do what I want , zombies again completely contradicts everything - I made it up to the point of absurdity simple and at the same time dynamic. This is the best thing I've done , and certainly not the last .

    I will try again to talk with a friend about this because also think that it is stupid to leave this potential .

    I do not really disagree about results , but again 5 games - unrealistically strong games simply ignored.

    If there was a criticism / feedback would be understandable , but it's like a finger to the sky .

    I myself probably forgot to congratulate the winners ..

    Sorry - Congratulations , I am glad that the list of winners there were also games for which

    worried - really interesting games.

    I myself do not rastroilas - against the background of my game monkeys vs crates your games look stronger.

    By the way when I first started the game I was reminded of "stack attack", but I wanted to make it more dynamic and to play sessions were shorter (like flappy bird) and not bad as it seems to me))

    thanks for gamejam - if there are in future - still possible will take part )

  • Someone receive a prize already?

  • All finalists have now responded and the info has been handed over to Scirra and Rikoshe's accountants.

  • I still do not get my prize

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  • This is why I don't enter these sorts of contests anymore. It's inevitable that the judging will be messed up in some way. Same sort of problems with the original Scirra contest, with games that had nothing to do with the theme winning. I'm glad I didn't enter this. A deadline is a deadline. Rules are rules.


    People need to realize not to expect much from these sort of contests.

  • Isaske dont worry me too

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