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  • Zathan - that would be a good assumption for the API settings, but it doesn't work (and is why I asked Austin how to disable it and why he told me there wasn't a way ). If you select disable clay login the popup login window then appears anyway when the game starts... There's also no way of controlling the plugin's attempts to log in by using the event system. Frustrating!

    I also just discovered a bug testing this - I can't seem to get the plugin to work in IE11 - it gives me a javascript failure (about to post it on the clay thread).


    Well... just another good option that doesn't do what we want

    And that's what I'm talking about... thousands of options, zero just working properly.

    Let's go find a WORKAROUND.......

  • bscarl88 you can remove it in the game settings.

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  • I've been requesting C2 in-built IAP for ATLEAST major app stores - apple, googleplay and Blackberry/Windows for long time now.

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