Retina obligation the 1st of May

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  • Hello.

    Here is my pb : until now i was developing a game for ipad/iphone, trying to make it universal.

    As i read in the forums, the best way to do it was to simply not put "retina on" on the ipad (cause the visual difference is very light), and to use it only on iphone, what i did.

    But the 1st of May, each app who is not retina on ipad and iphone will not be accepted on the appstore.

    It's a big problem for me, cause between the ipad 2 and the 3/4, the size is double.

    I use Scale to have a fullscreen game, but if i add "retina on" on ipads, it wiil be very complicated to design it, and i have to redo everything !

    So i wanted to know that, cause it's the only solution i can think of : is there a possibility to detect a device or a window size ?

    Like that, I can detect it, and say that for exemple that if the window size is bigger than 1024*768 (or other, to keep using the retina on the iphone 5), or if i'm on this specific device, to set the scale on the canvas, or on each layout, to set them at 2.0 for example.

    Don't know if i'm clear enough lol, and I don't have an ipad3 or 4 to try if it looks good if you use that trick (I mean, putting the scale of a layout at 2.0)

  • You can compare using the expressions windowwidth and windowheight.

    Keep in mind on an ipad 3 and 4 the resolution maxes out at 2048 wide or tall, as a performance problem fix was needed that results in the canvas only rendering at 2046 wide or tall (I confirmed my ipad 3 returns 2046 for the windowwidth in landscape mode).

  • Thanks for your answer.

    i just didn't know "compare two values" before (lol), which I used to try on my Iphone 5, and it seems to work ! :)

    (i used set layout scale, to keep good proportions)

    Great and thanks !

  • By the way, as I don't have for the moment an Ipad3 or 4, if you use scale of layout x2.0, do you have good visual results ? (not everything too much blurred or something like that).

    It seems to look ok on my iphone 5, but the screen is really smaller than the one of an Ipad.

  • It really depends. If the graphics are a painterly quality, it'll probably be fine. Sharp graphics look worse.

    Something of concern though is apple might look at the app and determine that what you're doing is not really 'retina support' if the graphics are still blurry (I don't know if that's the case, just theorizing).

    If you want to know how it looks, I recommend uploading your game to a website, then stopping in an apple store/best buy or some such to check how it looks if you have a store near you.

  • Thanks ! and you are right, I think I have to be very carreful about that.

    So I decided to take the pb in the other way :

    As I am in scale for fullscreen, i will play with the windowSize in the project property, to reduce it until I have what I want on the Ipad 3 or 4 (which I have to buy now whatever, because of the obligation of retina).

    Then, instead of playing it at 2.0, i will play it at 1.0 on the ipad3/4, and then reduce it (for example 0.5 for the Ipad 2) to match lower resolution devices.

    I think it's the best to do, cause like that, my game will turn at 1.0 on the retina displays, which is necesseray I think.

    Thank you again a lot to have pointed that pb to me :).

    Besides, the idea of the shop was good, but I'm living in the middle of nowhere (lol), so I will buy one, it will be more usefull whatever :).

  • If you're using letterbox scale, you shouldn't need to do anything. It should look similar whether using retina or non-retina, because C2 handles the scaling for you.

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  • Thanks Ashley !

    I quickly tried it on all my devices, and it seems to work ! It's sio reaaly simple, it gives me the impression that I lost my night haha.

    I will be "very" sure when I will try it on an Ipod3/4 as soon as possible :)

    I didn't know why, but I was sure that Letterbox Scale was not supported when using CococonJS or things like that.

    Thanks again.

  • Ok i didn't pay attention but in fact "letterbox scale" is not working with cocoonJS, that's why I was so surprised to have a bigger view on my Iphone 5 than on my Ipad 2 (i thought it was a question of height of the screen). The Iphone5 is playing it as "scale".

    I still don't have an Ipad3/4 to test, I will receive it in the week, but I think the best is to play my game at 1.0 on the ipad 3/4, and then with a screen size detection, to play it at 0.5 on the ipad 2.

    Like that i'm full screen too for the Iphone5, which is a obligation too now (no black bars allowed anymore).

  • By the way, I have a question in mind : what does it means exactly for Apple that the Retina Support is an obligation ?

    Do we need now to do games ta the resolution of the IPAD retina ? (2048x1536) Or Construct 2 does something special with it with the Retina option ?


  • me again (lol).

    To be sure : if i reduce my window by 50 %, and resize my layout by two (so at the siez of 0.5) to play it at 0.5 on the ipad3/4, would it be consider like retina ?

    (cause my game is played /2 his real size, so are the sprites and co ?)

    Not sure if i'm clear.

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